Dear Yogis,

What a week.  Hacked (again) thank goodness for a fabulous tech manager – you need one nowadays.  However, still noticing anomalies, but now have a way to move forward, and I know I have a good security system, not that this stops cyber crime.  The thieves are super clever.

THE GARDEN looks good in spite of the heat.  Thank you for all those folk who helped me use all of the glut of plums.  This morning there was a guinea fowl in the yard.  I don’t know where it came from.  I didn’t know they could fly, but when I moved towards it it flew into the trees – a big plump bird, a powerful flyer, not at all like a hen.  This bird had not forgotten how to be wild.

HERBS – I have taken a herbal mix for IBS for years and rely on them for a comfortable day.  It is a herbal MIX not a powder – you can actually see it is herbs, however I was close to running out and noticed that wherever i went on-line or in-store to stock up it was “out of stock”.  This seemed unlikely across the board, and when I looked deeper, the TGA had withdrawn 2 batches due to finding a tobacco weevil infestation!  The response of the market-place was to take the entire brand off the shelf.  What to do?  Luckily on the outside of the tub is a list of ingredients (I hadn’t concentrated before) and I had them all either in the garden or in my herbal dispensary.  So yesterday I made up my own batch!  How comforting is that!

The Gallery was closed on Saturday morning due to the weather.  There were two small “accidental” fires on Friday on the Mount and only good management averted a big fire, but once they take hold (and it only takes minutes) they are away, and The Beast travels fast.  I have tried to keep the garden damp, not that it helps against 70′ flames and heat that can melt a pot belly stove, but it could make a difference in an ember attack.

I guess I am sensitive having lost my house in the Ash Wednesday fires.  You NEVER recover.  There is a reason why my daughter doesn’t live here (she’s a nomad) and my son lives in Canada.  On the surface it looks like they are following work, and that is partly the truth, but they said after the fires they would never choose to live here again – and they never have.

“Nothing happens that is not the Will of God, trust this”.  The Qu’ran.

ART:  I am painting a self portrait on 9 patchworked tea bags,  and am at the stage of walking round it in circles so to speak.  Last night I did the sketch on the tea bags (I have prepared them), and today I am going to start.  Scary stuff!  No matter what you are drawing or painting, or whatever new project you are taking on, it always takes courage.  Close your eyes and jump in.  Whatever happens will be good.

One of my precious original tarot card set of 8 (there are 2 more) is now hanging at The Mt.Macedon gallery right on the chimney.  It looks splendid.  I have decided to sell them, on the eve of my new release of the “RED EDITION’ .  They are not inexpensive, however, they are original scratchboard, and you can’t get a second “original”.  Go and have a look!

PORTRAITS ON TEA BAGS.  Iris Apfel died this month aged 103.  I wonder what she was buried in – I hope it was a luminous, feathered shroud.  She had Vogue cover after Vogue cover, not because she was tall and strutty, but because she was always herself, and didn’t care a hoot what people thought about who she was and what she wore.  She must have had an extra apartment to contain her wardrobe – and probably did, she could afford it.

I thought I would do an exhibition on Women in fashion through the ages, from the time of DaVinci  and Vermeer, right through to Iris.  I don’t have masses of room.  The Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Lady with Ermine, Jane by Rosetti, right up to Iris,  and of course Daniel Lismore.



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