Dear Yogis,

I think I am winning on the power front – My electricity bill is $24!!!!  not $240, just $24.  The solar panels are working for me.  Battery next.

Today I am working in the garden in between doing a self-portrait for the exhibition at the Gallery.  I decided to make a patchwork of 12 coffee bags (a lot of prep required), and painting on that.  The background will be made from prints of my angel paintings.  I would like lots of time – and as usual don’t have it.

Thank you everyone who has visited my in house gallery – I am going to have an open studio every Friday evening starting at the end of this term (to include the holidays) because I just love it when you come here.  You look at the work, you understand what I am trying to say, and sometimes you buy my work – I love you.  Going out into the general public and being asked “how long did it take you to do this” as if it mattered,  is a nonsense,  and strains the patience.  Sid Nolan (who painted the famous Ned Kelly series) took 4 minutes to do some of the work that now sells for millions.

I have had the wasps removed again – every time the price goes up, but what can one do.  I want them removed by a firm with insurance, especially seeing they had to trample over the roof tiles.  I am exploring the possibility of insurance to cover the remediation as there is some damage on the ceiling from the wasp nest.  I will let you know if it is possible.  I am with a firm of insurance brokers called Insurance House in Bendigo, and I have been for about 15 years and my mentor the late Keith Allen referred me… I don’t know how long he was with them, but he was a millionaire, and a perfectionist.  Insurance House are always on the look out for the best insurances at the best prices.  If you are dissatisfied with your insurance go to them, ask for Mel Nicholson.

I was hacked on Tuesday evening, hence no newsletter on Wednesday.  Thank goodness it has been corralled (until the next time).  I don’t know how I would manage without my Techie! that’s being too simple, he is an expert, a computer engineer, not just “someone who knows”.

By the way – there are going to be some big changes on the yoga home front at the end of this term.  Watch this space.


TAROT AND GITA READINGS (Using the Guide Drawings)  – BY APPOINTMENT. Email me:

ZOOM GITA :  Monday  evenings at 6.30pm

Windarring Yoga –  Tues. 1pm a joint class –  Kyneton and Gisborne combined.  Surprising changes coming up.

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) Mon. 2.15, Wednesday Restorative 1pm

NEXT STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING Sunday 24th March at 2.30

THE YOGA LUNCHEON: Saturday 30th March,  at The Full Moon Saloon. Woodend at 12noon. You are all welcome.


and in the gallery – I will be at The Mt.Macedon Gallery on SATURDAY from 10am to 1pm.  Come see me – I had some lovely clients turn up last week – you can always make an appointment to see me at my gallery.