Dear Yogis,

I know, I know it’s Sunday and you wanted a “day of rest”.  Well lets us all, “un-rest”.   I have done class for you, said a Hail Mary or two for you , and now it’s your turn.  LISTEN UP YOGIS.


Monday. STUDIO CLASS 2pm,  ZOOM 6.30 Teacher Training:  FORGIVENESS PT.4
Tuesday. ZOOM RUMI 7.30
Wednesday. STUDIO CLASS 5.30pm
Saturday.  ZOOM TAROT/ART 2pm

Sunday. ZOOM GITA 10am every Sunday (TEACHER TRAINING TODAY,  2ND MAY AT 2PM – all welcome)

Over the last few days I have had some fabulous feed back from very unexpected sources regarding both videos and the newsletter.  I have just had my video camera serviced, so can once again do some videos…  So thank you everyone who has given feedback – it often feels like I am talking to the wind, which after all may not be such a bad thing.

Without Covid, without you all, I would not have learned zoom, and it is amazing how reluctant many folk are to do this.  I have settled into it, and it is like having you with me.  Thank you.



I would like you to pay attention to a couple of items on the MENU.

  1.   TINY TATTOOS.  Yes, I am back at it, and loving it.  (can’t do them on zoom!).  If you would like a Tiny Tattoo – no larger than a 50cent piece and done with a POKE technique (ancient Japanese method – quiet, no machines), then make an appointment.  I like to do them in henna, but I can do them in black (UGH!).  Henna is so subtle and beautiful.  I can also do the ancient Henna designs from India, Afghanistan and Iran… I just love them.  I did a tattoo on myself last week – a word I need to keep in my mind,  “FAITH”.  I have it just below my thumb so I see it all the time. I will do a photo when it has healed little and faded a little – I love the faded look you get with henna.  I have a tattoo I did on my arm in Henna about 15 years ago and it looks BEAUTIFUL!  The price for a TINY TATTOO  starts at $85 because they do take an hour or more…. Email me, or make a zoom appointment to see designs… and then you can visit.
  2. TAROT/PENDULUM WORK.  “I AM LISTENING”  This is not about finding a man for clients although I have had some outstanding success in that area – probably because I totally rely on spirit.  I look at clients who seem to be fabulous,  self reliant females and think “why would they want a man”, but they do, and spirit finds one – usually “THE ONE”.  Mr. Right.  Spirit has been known to inject life back into what could have been dead relationships.   I don’t ask for myself, because I am totally happy and content by myself.  Really.  I am not Beatrix Potter – say one thing do another.  If you are stuck, if you want to turn the page, if you don’t know what comes next, ZOOM WITH ME.  For you, the cost is $85…. normally $125

  3. REGISTRATION:  If you have not registered, are waiting for “the wind to change”, or thinking you don’t need it – you do, if only to acknowledge your lineage.  Even if you did end up doing extra training in India, or the USA – you started out with us.  Without our initial training you would not have been able to become the teachers you are today.  Support your school, support us, REGISTER TODAY.  Remember the YAMAS.  Respect and support your lineage, your school, your training.  

If you need to speak to me about any of the above, email me on  SOON.  I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.