Good morning lovely ones,

TAROT:  I was having trouble with my tarot web site, and have changed the log in to  This means that it matches my facebook page too.  People were having trouble spelling “revelation”, so “Mytarot” will be easier I think.

Don’t forget that I have a tarot reading course coming up starting the 1st February.  They are on Saturdays to make it easier, and three sessions 2pm to 4pm from the 1st February.  You will get a tarot deck as part of the course, and I believe that before the end of the course you will be able to read for yourself or others intuitively, confidently and easily.

DOLLS. I love dollmaking and began seriously making dolls after the bushfires.  I was having trouble with anxiety and depression relative to the trauma I was experiencing after losing our home, tried many things (counselling was not available at the time) even hurting myself, but nothing helped.  Yoga grounded me that is true, made it possible to carry on – but I had lost who I was.

Then I went to MIRKA MORA whom I had encountered in the art world previously.  She had also suffered in her youth, and her paintings and dolls were an outworking of that, and subsequent joy – especially relative to her children.  Mirka became quite well known for her doll making and doll-making classes.  They were wonderful, and a great gathering, sharing place for women.

Mirka taught me how to make “soul” dolls.  I started with paper mâché, and display dolls – I even had a number of quite successful exhibitions of dolls meant to be seen and not touched, and after time was confident enough to make soft dolls.

I have found that during this time of high anxiety in the air, and flashbacks, dolls have been a great help.  I am working on putting a pattern onto Etsy so you can make them too.  They are easy, easy to make, soft and gentle.  Gentle Souls.  You can make them big or tiny, in any fabric.  Start saving sheets, curtains and op-shop throw out dresses in soft cottons, so you can start when the pattern goes up.  Just think soft.  For a larger doll it takes about three largish squares of fabric.  One underskirt, one overskirt and a top square which includes a head covering. You will also need a square of t-shirt fabric for the body,  a softish mohair type of wool for the hair, and cotton to sew in the eyes and mouth.  Easy.

Start accumulating your fabrics now – you will at the very least have fun at the op shop, and cutting up fabrics.  You can adjust the pattern to any size – tiny for babies, and large for adults.  They are a great comfort, take your mind off the everyday, and you will have something to cuddle at the end..

I will put the pattern on and




Keep safe….  Namaste – JAHNE