Dear Yogis,

Sunday again.  We had a fantastic Tarot Training Yesterday.  It is not just about the cards.  It is about where we find ourselves, how the cards help us to understand ourselves as well as others.  How the cards can help us find the heaven that is with us in the now.  When used properly, they can be a high TANTRIC TOOL. They are deeply spiritual and can bring the student back to the spiritual path…

According to Buddhist teachings, no matter how confused and tormented you and I may be at the moment, our underlying nature of  being is clear and pure.  In the same way that clouds come between us and the sunlight, so too our anxieties, depression and the suffering that they cause can temporarily obscure but cannot destroy or even touch the fundamentally clear nature of our consciousness..

Dwelling deep within us our heart and the hearts of every living person without exception is an inexhaustible source of love and wisdom.  According to buddhist writings, the ultimate goal of every person is enlightenment which occurs when all the delusions, greed, hatred, ignorance, presently obscuring our mind have been completely removed, and when all of our positive qualities have been fully developed.   This fully awakened state is characterised by unlimited compassion, and unlimited skill (or power).

We are taught that the  path to fulfilment is a gradual process of cleansing our mind of all its faults and limitations, and replacing these thoughts, with thoughts (and actions) of complete love and wisdom.  Because of this gradual approach of sutra, this is called the causal vehicle to enlightenment because of the emphasis on creating causes for a future result.

Compared to this sutra approach, tantrayana is a much speedier path to the goal of enlightenment.  The tantric yogi or yogini, learns to think, speak and act NOW as if he or she were already a fully enlightened buddha.  Because the powerful approach often bring the the future full awakening into the present experience, it is sometimes called the resultant vehicle to enlightenment.

According to Tantra, perfection is not something that is waiting for us in the future, HEAVEN IS NOW.  Everything that we need is with us in this moment, it is simply a matter of being able to recognise it.

This is the Tantric approach that we will be exploring… in the cards if you com to training, or here in the daily newsletters.

The present Tarot Training is closed, but I am enrolling for the next class which will start in July.  We will also be holding a on Sunday the 28th June at 2pm at the Studio.  At this time we will be coming together to learn more about the tarot, to swap skills, and generally link in with others who are looking for a deeper way.  TANTRIC TAROT.  Please let me know if you are interested… it is not an open house.  This will be a learning experience.

Have a wonderful Weekend.