Dear Yogis,

Here we are (or here I am), in what feels like “The Great Covid Pause”.  I didn’t need another holiday – I needed more and more of you. I only have another 10 days to go and we can start back!….

Throughout the whole experience, since March last year, I have been learning more and more about what I can do, and more importantly, what I need to do.  Not “need to” from a monetary point of view, but having faith in my creative drivers. In this mind, I have even taken the TAROT a step further, and made a SECRET TAROT BOOK (in the photos and on etsy – the tarot, pendulum and charts all fit into a secret compartment in the book ).   I have learned if I don’t create art I am not happy, and I feel only partly here.  Living the creative life (yoga,  art or whatever you do, whatever your art form), as you will know, requires faith.  Faith that you are going in the right direction, and the only way we can know is by checking in with our inner compass – our heart. Are you happy?

FAITH IS NOT THE SAME AS BELIEF.  Belief is about accepting certain statements are true.  You probably believe that 1+1=2, that elephants are bigger than insects, and that water is wet.  You think these things are true, but you don’t think they are true on the basis of faith.  Faith is about trusting in God, and believing IN something and not believing THAT something is right.

Although faith is not the same thing as belief,  it might consist of having certain beliefs, being willing to accept the things that are revealed to us by “God”, in the same way you might accept the claims of a close friend because you trust their knowledge and experience.  St.Paul in Hebrews 11:1 calls faith “the evidence of things unseen”.

I am a fan of THE MATRIX.  In this tale, Hamann the councillor refuses to accept Lock’s narrow minded dismissal of oracles, prophesies and such.  Lock cries out to Hamann  “I believe we need every ship we have to survive this attack, why did you allow the Nebuchadnezzar to leave?!”

“Because,” says Hamann “I believe our survival depends on more than how many ships we have”

As Thomas Aquinas says in Summa Theologica “The act of faith is firmly attached to something, and in this respect the person of faith is in the same state of mind as one who has knowledge or understanding.  Yet the believer’s knowledge is not completed by a clear vision, and in this respect he is like one having a doubt, a suspicion, or an opinion” (2a.2ae.2.1).

For your future wellbeing and abundance, are you banking on “how many ships you have”.  Are you going in the direction of your head, or your heart?