Dear Yogis,

It was so tempting to either stay in bed, or garden, but that is not the way of yoga – I have said I will send a newsletter on Mondays, so I am here – whistling into the wind I may be, but I am here.  It is a promise.  And now lock-down is finished for the time being, I hope you will join me in the studio for yoga.  If you have not been for a while, please book.

STUDIO: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30, Fridays 5.30 (Guys Yoga)
ZOOM: Teacher Training Monday 6.30, CCP Tuesday 7.30, Tarot Friday 6.45



Don’t be led into a false sense of security.  The sun is shining, we have Cup Day Holiday, but it is not forever.  Life goes on.  There will be more lockdowns –  even Qantas can’t stop that, no matter how many trips Mr.Joyce the CEO is able to take to cuddle his mum in Ireland via the USA.. See the “60 Minutes Special” last nite. Interesting.  

There will be thunderstorms, there will be BIG hail, there will be high winds and power outages, there will be higher prices.  How are you preparing?  By pretending that everything has gone back to what you would like to think of as normal? It is easier to do that, and you are lucky if you can manage the higher prices of essential like electricity, groceries, the brown-outs, Telstra (who recently hiked up prices) and the terrible delays perpetrated by Australia Post (Australia-Maybe-We-Will-Post).  I am waiting for KOGAN POST” – they get things to us quickly.

It is time to prepare by getting a dehydrator, by investing in a solar lantern, a rainwater tank, a camp stove (and/or wood heater) learning to forage and grow,  and make do and mend.  I have always done things like this, they are in my memory and genes, and I am urging you to take time to think about it.  I actually have bought myself a rotating mulch tank so I can use the weeds and left overs from the kitchen instead of giving them to the council.   There is so much to do whilst we have time to do it.

Forget about sending cards and letters.  If today is any indication they won’t get to your loved ones by Christmas.  In spite of the fact I don’t like E-Cards, they are really the only alternative when a letter takes 5 weeks to get from Woodend to Daylesford. Google “Jacqui Lawson” and think about E-Cards.

Yes, next year will be the “roaring twenties” we are told – Qantas is leading the way with potentially more planes in the air than after WWII.  It is easy to believe that,  seeing the wildness at the moment from people who have been locked-down now able to go everywhere.  They have mostly learned nothing – HAVE YOU?  Q-Codes, vaccinations  and masks will be with us all for a long time, and we should respect that.  At the same time we should notice the changes, and get back to basics.  These are not hardships, they are ways you can take back control of your life.

AND…….get back to yoga.  Don’t just fit it in when you have time.  

Make Yoga the essential, and fit other things around it.