Dear Yogis..

We in the West want to be Enlightened, but we want it NOW.  Tantra, being the quickest of the paths should appeal.  The path of Tantra is the path of TRANSFORMATION.  Whilst the explosion of desire, of the more, more, more point of view is considered to be a serious obstacle to most spiritual paths, in Tantra, we can use this as fuel to drive us to our highest destination.

Tantra is a path of acceptance, not blind acceptance or self-mortification, and it is in this way that it can bring us out of our self destructive patterns and at the same time give us the opportunity for complete fulfilment.  However, if we are going to derive satisfaction from this path there are certain points we cannot overlook..

Firstly: Our Motivation must be pure.  We will not be able to achieve the wonderful benefits that Tantra can provide if we are mired in our own self centred nature, and are doing it for our own benefit.

Secondly: We must engage in the practices in an ordered manner.  We cannot start at the top and believe it is OK “for us”.  This attitude is foolish, arrogant, and dangerous.

Thirdly: and this is a point I think we must bring into all our disciplines – there is no benefit in pretending to look or act like a Tibetan, or any other Oriental for that matter.  Neither is learning the discipline, or practising prayers in another language.  There is nothing transcendental to be gained from substituting one set of cultural conventions for another.  Pretending we are something other than who we are, or where we are on the path.

People whose practice relies on this superficial level of learning,  end up not knowing who they are or what they should do. There is always a value to be had in learning another language, Sanskrit for instance, but we must always keep in mind that the yoga we are considering is a discipline far deeper than language or custom.   With Tantra, we are trying to BREAK AWAY FROM CONDITIONING which limits our understanding of what we are and what we can become.

Tantra transforms the grasping at pleasures which results in suffering,  into transcendental awareness free from the delusions that normally contaminate our pursuit of pleasure.  This discipline channels these energies into a powerful path which leads us to acceptance, and the ability to skilfully use our precious human potential.

With proper understanding of Tantric Transformation, whatever we do, where ever we do it, in whatever time frame,  can bring us closer to our goal of self-fulfilment.  All of  our actions (even sleep) can be turned into clear, penetrating wisdom in the same way that poisonous plants can be distilled into life giving medicine.

The image of Vajradhara, the male and female dieties in sexual embrace is a symbol of the inner unification of our own male and female energies, and the very highest of Tantric practices, representing great bliss, and a totally integrated state of blissful wisdom that completely transcends ordinary sense desire.