Dear Yogis,


THE STORE:  I have put the small, medium and large Pendulum Boards into our store and go to the store, and I am working on finishing the WOLF Pendulum Board as I have photographed here.  This will also be available in small,  medium and large.

These Boards can be used for pendulums and the WOLF BOARD can be used as a crystal grid for distant and self healing… it is more powerful than you think.  Once you make friends you will use it every day.

If you want to know how to make these boards come to our TAROT ART CLASS on Saturday afternoon at 2pm.  You can make a board to echo your own practice, use it with your tarot, your pendulum – or just hang it on a wall. You could make MINDFULNESS or AFFIRMATION CARDS… or just greeting cards using our quick and easy methods, even if you don’t think you are artistic.  ($50 for three classes).


“We are alive according to the degree we are in contact with our fundamental nature, our essential self, our essence” – Cecil Collins

This course has been a long time in the coming (and making). In just 10 weeks you could learn how to bring a new dimension to your class or your one-on-one therapies… It includes zoom classes, and personal mentoring in zoom with me – this can happen in zoom classes, they can be very personal..  

In todays world, especially during the covid lock downs or enclosures, we have the need to integrate art, yoga and ordinary life.  A number of my therapists (when I was the client) have integrated art with my healing.  It was most successful, and enjoyed the ability to see how I was progressing, and the difference when the healing was completed.

You could bring this to your yoga classes, to your meditations, and as an addition to one-on-one therapies.  Art added to your classes is where the rational and mystical work in tandem.  As I have said time after time PERFECTION IS NOT REQUIRED.  You don’t need to be an artist or even have art experience, you just need to be enthusiastic to help your students express themselves and learn more about their healing.  You can start with the chakras.  You all know about them.  You don’t have to be able to draw the complex text book chakras, just how they appear to you and your clients.

It is never too late to start or to return to something you enjoyed as a child. You have everything you need.  The right body, the right mind and a beautiful divine soul.  Creativity  is what you were born for – your version of being creative, not mine.  Doodling could be step one.  Get over the fear of being “less-than”.  Face the fear and do it anyway. In the past your art, your creativity may have been dismissed. You may have been dismissed.  You may have been told you were not artistic, remove this thought. Don’t fix these thoughts in place – feel them to acknowledge them and find out what or whom is visiting from your past.  Yoga&Art will help with this.  If you are not confident to do it for your class DO IT FOR YOURSELF.

There is no need to know how to draw, paint, meditate or even do yoga to come to do this course.  The exercises I have planned are designed to make the experience easy and fun.

If you teach art, or yoga or work as a healer, you will find this course gives you more tools, inspiration and practical suggestions to deepen your professional practice (or begin one).

To start the journey, email me:

“You know that my treasures are those souls which You have linked with mine” – Theresa of Lisieux