Dear Yogis,

We live in “interesting times”, and this is just the beginning.     Our routines, the routines, income, habits have a way of drying up…and it can happen that this is when the ravens or angels stand back.  A lesson is on the way.

In the bible the widow of Zarepath (1Kings, Chapter 17) found herself in this dried up position.  It probably was not uncommon then, and it is not uncommon today.  She was down to the last crumbs of everything and was gathering up the last sticks to prepare the little they had before they died.   We don’t get to this position, but we do sometimes struggle.  It was at that moment that a prophet arrived on the doorstep asking for water.  Because of their understanding about hospitality she went off to the well for water, but when Elijah asked for bread she was brought face to face with the reality and emptiness of her position.

It is one thing to have nothing, it is totally different when you are asked to feed another out of your emptiness.  The widow says to Elijah “I have only a handful of flour and a little oil”.  How could you feed yourself or another with so little?

This emptiness is not just about physical emptiness, it is also about spiritual and emotional emptiness which we so often experience.  When you have the courage and love to give the up the last handful to another human being, trusting that the emptiness will be miraculously refilled,  you will discover as the widow did that the supply of food NEVER dries up.  Miracles happen and there is always provision.  Your jar of flour will never dry up and your little oil will last for ever.

My meditation and my mat have gotten me through many days of famine.  It is the place where I feel safe to come with my grief, my anger, my joy and delight, my frustrations, my questions, my confusions and my amazement.

Each mantra I pray, is only a handful of flour and a little oil, however it has always been sufficient to change my famine into a feast.  My life has been blessed because I have believed in these crumbs.

When I want to see clearly I close my eyes.  This says something about my inner eyes.  Because I forget use them, they can suffer from neglect and underuse.  Perhaps yours too need recharging.  A friend told me that in her meditations she was aware she sat in front of “a tree full of Angels”. What a wonderful feeling.

Try it.  When you sit on your mat, before you go deeply into you meditation, imagine angel wings like stars glistening in every branch.  Gold and silver everywhere you look.  What an Angelic start to your yoga day.

HAVE A SPARKLING, ANGEL FILLED DAY.  When your basket seems empty, reach in and give away what you have with trust, not challenge.