Good morning Yogis,

It has been such a lovely weekend.  I bought a GINKO tree today.  I have wanted one for YEARS, but they are so expensive.  I have succumbed and bought it, now I have to inspire it to grow for me.  Chewing on a green leaf a day is said to improve cognitive health and I need as much of that as possible….  There is so much to do.

ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Teacher Training, Tuesday 7.30 CCP, Friday 6.45 Tarot.
STUDIO: Monday 1pm Yoga, Wednesday 1pm Yoga (full), Wednesday 5.30 Restorative, Friday 5.30 Hatha

This workshop is important in working our way forward with a better understanding of who we are, what affects us (in reality – not guesswork), and what to do next.  All art materials provided.  I hope you will be able to bring (your temperature charts), and some nibbles to share.This is our last art day at the studio before Christmas.  I will share my chart with you – I am sure that the accuracy and insights of this chart will surprise you. PLEASE RSVP as soon as you can..  

Because we are right in the middle of the pandemic (we are nowhere near the end – there are heaps more challenges to come), I think it is prudent to be as responsible for your own health and future as you can be.  To that end, I am going to focus on herbal/Bach Remedies for Covid symptoms.  I will do one every newsletter and hope that you will take this opportunity to embrace this herbal remedy.  Today GORSE, mainly because this plant is blooming everywhere at the moment.  Remember not to pick from anywhere near where the council has sprayed, it is not a native and becomes invasive hence the spraying.  Plus if you need to go onto private property, ask the landowner first please.

I remember when we had an old German Homeopath in the district, the Late Dr.VonMoger (long dead).  He used to be seen out and about collecting the pollen from the gorse.  He had little vials and a fluffy small paint brush.  Of course he wore a white coat during this collection process, very professional, very German.   This pollen collection was a whole lot harder and more intricate than collecting the actual blooms which I do.

Gorse – Not to be mistaken with BROOM which looks somewhat similar but has long whippy branches (used for making bee skeps).   Gorse is very prickly as you can see in the photograph.

GORSE is the remedy for those who have given up belief or hope in life.  Easy to recognise in our community as a result of Covid lock-downs and restrictions.  This mindset gives up hope of feeling better.  In a Gorse state one doesn’t consider a way out, instead it is a negative personality succumbing to the negativity. For example, someone who has lost their job – or been made redundant and loses hope of a positive future. In a Gorse state we may want to curl up into foetal position,  stay in bed and give up on the day and everything in front of us, unable or unwilling to change how we feel.  Just accepting accepting defeat.  There are a number examples every day in the news… and I am sure you have people like this close by.

The Gorse remedy helps us to restore our faith in the future, and more than that, to find a way forward.  We can accept that there is a positive outcome waiting for us, and can walk forward to meet it.  Bach therapies deals with people, not diseases…

“The main reason for failure of modern medical science is that it is dealing with results and not causes” – Dr.Bach “Heal Thyself”.