Dear Yogis,

It may be in this time of covid you have asked again (and had more time to think) what is the point and purpose of my life?

There is an answer and I have suggested it to you many times.  The point and purpose of your life is to decide AND TO BE Who you Really Are.  It is not just a thought.  Even if you don’t realise you are asking the question,  you are making the decision about your life by moving forward with every action, every thought and every word.

Paramahansa Yogananda could be called an example of a person who had a very clear idea of who he was, and wanted to know himself in his own reality.  Not many people live at this level,  and the level of his consciousness was reflected in his thoughts his words and his deeds.  He of course has moved on to his next incarnation and gets to decide what he would next like to re-create in ever more beautiful versions of himself.  As I understand it, he probably will not choose to be a rock or a stick-insect,  as creation goes upwards and forwards, not backwards.

The soul crossing over may choose not to be a human being as we know this state.  But that is up to them.  They might like to play a while, then go back to “school” because they understand that.  In this school they may learn THAT THERE IS NOTHING THAT THEY HAVE TO LEARN.  All they have to do (all that WE have to do) is remember WHO AND WHAT WE REALLY ARE, by being it.  Some souls have this realisation before they move to the next place.

The knowing that the soul never dies in fact it never sleeps, never forgets.    That no experience is visited upon any soul against their will.  Yes, the soul leaves the body, and if you have sat with the dying you may have seen or felt this. The soul will change its bodily form when it sees no purpose in remaining in that form.

Don’t get caught up in the process – it is just a process.  Even if you asked God to help you understand the process would it make a difference?  Like Krishna and Arjuna in the ‘Gita.  Krishna (God) revealed himself.  It changed Arjuna in so far as he was scared, but then had trouble believing it was not his imagination.  However he was more open to instruction.  Are you open to instruction, are you ready to learn, move forward?

Would this information matter in the long term.  Will it change how you act? (this of course is the big test of understanding). Will it help you to help your neighbour, celebrate the wonderfulness around you and see the “Glory” in everything.

Will remembering who you are and what you really are allow you to change the mind of others?Or will you slide back to the soft and  comfortable place? Live in the smallness of who you imagined yourself to be before this lesson?

It is your choice.

You can choose for death to be a glorious moment. A chance for the soul to return to its natural state. Limitless.  If you have a clear set of beliefs that support a beautiful after death experience and a reconnection with God, then you never need be afraid of the wonderful gift we call death.

NOTHING IS PAINFUL WHICH YOU UNDERSTAND IS NOT REAL. The Buddha and the Dharma, the Dharma and the Buddha – The Lesson and the Master, The teacher and the student, the object and the observer – all part of the one.  Even permanence is impermanent.

Have a wonderful Sunday (the “day of rest”).