Dear Yogis,

SUNDAY: 10am YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, The Bhagavadgita. (All welcome – you don’t have to be a trainee teacher).

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I was reminded today (reluctantly) that christmas isn’t that far away.  I don’t know what difference Covid will make.  We think we are good and getting better, but I am sure that Europe thought that too.  I do know that as usual the post will be difficult, so I urge you to think about it now.  Start buying your presents now and putting them away.   I am hoping that you will consider the Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf Cards and Pendulum boards large and small, and pendulums (Not many left, I will have to get making, but if you let me know what you like I can make one especially for you).  I do “three question tarot readings” also, which can be given as gifts…

Everything (even the readings)  is on


I can’t work when my desk is too cluttered.  I have in-files and out-files but sometimes the papers don’t go in or out and I am left with a pile on my desk.  When that happens my work grinds to a snails pace, and no matter how urgent other things are I have to stop and de-clutter.  When you are working under the weight of clutter – clothing, toiletries, kitchen implements, desk clutter – whatever it is I have found that most people will be less creative.  I believe that the state of your desk and you wardrobe is a clear reflection of your unconscious.  The space outside you is a reflection of your inner space.  If you want some inner peace, first take care of the outer peace.  Get some plastic bags out, and now that the Salvos are open again, fill the bags up with things you no longer use or wear, and give them to people who will.

Before you start make a list of the tasks you are going to tackle and work through the list, in this way you won’t end up getting caught in the past.. sitting on the carpet surrounded by an impossible pile of paper and things.

As you are moving and sorting (once called “spring cleaning”) think about the fact that you are moving stagnant, old energy out of your life.  The everyday (no matter how you remove yourself from the media) can be cluttered with suffering, and negativity.  There are two types of suffering, mandatory and optional.  If you want a model of the latter Woody Allen is the go-to example of this.  He is (or was) an “Awfuliser”.  Someone who has a headache and calls an ambulance because he has “awfulised” it into a brain tumour.

Getting control of your thinking may not be easy, but if you want lasting peace it is a useful practice. As Pogo once said… “We have met the enemy and He is us”.  It takes consistent effort such as we learn in yoga and meditation to overcome that internal enemy, but it is possible day to day.  It takes no more time to use your thoughts well than it does to let them drive you crazy.

This sunny weekend, take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning, on the outside,  and on the inside.  This might seem very simple, but it is not easy, and yes, it will take time.  If it were easy we would all be yogis.