Dear Yogis (got your attention?)

I didn’t think you would be interested in SOX….

Thank you to the universe…  For the last few years I have been sharing the few “domestic art” skills I have and encouraging others to do the same as part of a barter network.  It seemed ridiculous to some, but goodness me, it has turned into something wonderful.  Today I had a delivery of SOX TO DARN that I know will turn into HARE when the job is done or when a hare is caught.  Please please, start doing this with neighbours and friends.  Note to self:  Make sure you have taken every precaution with the things you leave on their front step.  Thoroughly launder.. etc etc.


In this time of living at a distance, I love these doorstop deliveries – THANK YOU GANG for remembering that although there are no yoga classes, (and no ZOOM – although we already have 100 videos you can access.  Yes there is a charge, but it is secure, which we now know Zoom is not.) and I am still holding the space.

Today,  Sox! A million thank yous’.  I love these “secret” visits and finding unexpected things on the front step.  Even my raven is leaving gifts (his leftovers) on the step – the odd crumpet, piece of toast, and he always says “Hi” and stays close by when I go out to garden..

Why do I like to barter?  I get to sit watching the TV at night giving Sox and sweaters a second life, feeling that I am doing something very useful for myself and for the planet, with the advantage that I will have a supply of meat which will last me a long time.  Hare stew, pulled hare, potted hare, Mexican hare casserole, Bengali stew. A win-win situation for both me and the cat who has developed a deep desire for this particular (no fat) meat.  She is not interested in chicken, fussy about fish,  but hare?  She would scream the roof down if I didn’t give her a portion. Those who can’t give meat, swap with other things I need, there is a certain amount of negotiation involved, and that is what text and the email are for.  Who knew that mending and darning would be such a valuable skill?

From the domestic to the planetary..

Published yesterday by the Commission for the Human Future, which has isolated 10 potentially catastrophic threats to human survival.

Not prioritised over one another, these risks are:

  1. decline of natural resources, particularly water
  2. collapse of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity
  3. human population growth beyond earth’s carrying capacity
  4. global warming and human-induced climate change
  5. chemical pollution of the earth system, including the atmosphere and oceans
  6. rising food insecurity and failing nutritional quality
  7. nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction
  8. pandemics of new and untreatable disease
  9. the advent of powerful, uncontrolled new technology
  10. national and global failure to understand and act preventatively on these risks.

Put the list on your fridge – Just so we keep things worldwide, instead of looking at our own backyard, today.