Dear Yogis,

If you have read the blog, you will know that I have spent time today finishing off the pond – and apart from one little change (lifting the urn), it is finished.  I have also planted more choc mint, mugwort (loves water), watercress (the roots filter the water and keep it fresh).  I also have a tub of water chestnuts in the little pond I am going to split and transplant.

I hope you think it is beautiful.  I do.  All I have to do is lift the urn so the water makes a noise as it runs into the pond.  At the present it is a quiet spill.  I am looking for something musical. You can see the corner of my little meditation platform on the right hand side, I want to listen to the water as I sit..

The next project is getting the seeds and cards ready for you.  I am getting the seeds from the plants I forage and from my garden, taking photographs of the matching plants,  and preparing cards with a recipe.  I thought they would be a great HELLO card for any of your friends you want to do a “call out” to in this time of home stay.   They will come in packs of four.  Four cards with an inner sleeve, 4 matching seed packs, and on the front of each, a photograph of the plant so that you can go out into the garden and forage for yourself.  I have been into the market place and “seed greeting cards” cost about $10 each, and seeds usually cost $4+ per packet.  I am going to sell the four including postage to you for $27.50 – the wholesale price.  Please let me know if you would like a set.  DD as usual.  Commonwealth Bank BSB 063806 1019 1251 Yoga First.

Seeing that we are home-staying, and you have the same 24 hours per day as me, and you probably don’t have a pond you are fiddling with like me, but you do have MODULES, you do have REGISTRATION that probably needs renewing… We are giving everyone who registers at this time 3 free months, so instead of being registered from May to May, you will be registered from May’20 to August’21.  The video subscriptions will still only be for 12 months as you will probably be accessing them frequently at this time.  To get the forms, email me at

I am missing you all, and I am certainly missing classes with you.   Consciously breathe, read the yamas, work on the chakras… get the book HOW AND WHY YOGA WORKS – it’s on ETSY  Spend the money you are saving on coffees on one of my yoga booklets.  They last longer….. and for $5.75 for the cost of this booklet, it really is the cost of a mug of coffee.


If you want to know why your yoga works, not just the asanas… then get this booklet.  It is crammed with good information that is always super valuable – not just as this time…..


Stay safe – find good things to do – laugh.  

Love and blessings – Namaste, JAHNE