Dear Yogis,

I am having my solar system installed next week.  It is something I have been dithering about for some time.  I was quoted huge amounts,  and at my age, I wondered if it was useful and if I would ever get the investment back?

Then I heard of “OZ SOLAR” from some of my clients and students.  Their system which is more powerful than one I was quoted $20,000 for,  is $3,300.  That is correct, not a typing error.  I paid $3,300 for it.  I got my ex who is an international lawyer to do the due diligence.  He thought I was nuts, but after he explored the nooks and crannies of the company bought a system (maybe 2) for himself.  They are an easy company to deal with, and if you would like to follow it up (Oz Solar Energy, they have heaps of great reviews, and here is the contact…

I figured that if it works I am way ahead, and if I don’t get a huge return, then it is not a huge outlay.  Helping the planet without breaking the bank.



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