Dear Yogis,

Had an interesting last week.  As you know I have been teaching yoga for disability, however, whilst I see people wandering around Woodend in wheelies and walkers they seem unwilling to join the class.  I was talking to one of the Windarring team leaders in Castlemaine, and she made an interesting observation.  People didn’t know how yoga could help their community – they saw yoga on the TV and none of them could even think about doing what those people do.  Obviously the problem we are having is all about perception.

So we have changed the name of that arm of our yoga and called it (unless you can suggest better)  “SO FUN!” Yoga movement for strength and flexibility.  

I am having a new logo made highlighting wheelies and walkers. Amazingly The NDIS pays for walks, trips to the coffee shop, and fun.  It does not support yoga,  massage (unless you are a masseur with a university degree)  and other worthwhile therapies.  We are lumped under the heading INNOVATIVE COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION.

The first step is for parents and support workers to understand what we are doing… last week at my meeting team leaders, COO, CEO they were amazed that we used straps, weights, and taught strength, physical ability and flexibility.  The importance of branding was brought home hard and fast.  Take heed.

The photo is of children (not Windarring), and yes, they are doing yoga.  For them it was “SO FUN!”



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DISABILITY YOGA CLASS (YOGA FOR WHEELIES AND WALKERS) in NORMA RICHARDSON hall, starting 10.30am 17th July  by donation. Next term.  All my disability classes with have an emphasis (after time) on meditation/sound therapy.

ZOOM DISABILITY YOGA TEACHER TRAINING. This week class 2 –  6.30 zoom class.

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I am updating the Etsy booklets relative to my decks (and my new RED deck).  I will let you know when this is done.

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