Dear Yogis,

Dreary days in Woodend as it always is this time of the year.  It has rained, not too cold, so the plants have time to recover.  I have spent a little time doing a small portrait of Gracie, in her appropriate outfit, although you can see she was slightly miffed because there was no crown.

THE YOGA FOR DISABILITY IS MOVING ALONG… we have another zoom get together tonite – don’t forget.  They are the most useful part of the course.

I remember when i started THE AUSTRALASIAN YOGA INSTITUTE.  I was so excited.  Everyone told me it wasn’t possible, but I just went for it, and it was good.  However, I remember that I ran away from home, and then from school and then from Art School not to do yoga, but because I wanted to be an ARTIST (from about 6 years of age).  Yoga came along in a series of happenings as things do.  I just said yes.

Success really is nothing but REGRET IS POISON.  Although I am looking after my graduates, and thinking up more courses so that they can succeed in the same way I did, I am painting, painting, painting.  I AM AN ARTIST – now I move forward with expanding my gallery…


The hard thing is to realise is that painting can be both work and play, and that I can do it when i want to.  I have never had that realisation before, and its welcome.  It is work of course, I don’t play!  How’s the portrait of Gracie (my cat) to the left.  She looks as snooty as usual, probably because she wanted a crown! I could have done that but she is already pretty impossible.  Imagine if she had a crown, I would have no chance.

If you want a “period piece” of your pooch or cat, we can organise that.  I do have a large elephant to finish painting, and I have cleared the decks.  It’s in three panels, so the table needs to be cleared of fabric – and it is at the moment.  However, at night I love doing miniatures.  The size of the cat canvas is 8inches x 8 inches, so the actual painting does qualify as a miniature.

To have your very own  “miniature” of your dog cat or any other animal, reptile, bird, you just need to send me a good quality sharp photo of your pet via email JPEG.  I will provide the appropriate period clothes, and can post the finished product to you – unframed on canvas, ready to hang or frame. Email me to organise


Windarring Yoga –  Tues. 1pm .  (Tuesday AM in Gisborne starting in the new term).

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) Wednesday Restorative 1pm,  FRIDAY RESTORATIVE 10am 

DISABILITY YOGA CLASS (YOGA FOR WHEELIES AND WALKERS) in NORMA RICHARDSON hall, starting 9.30am 17th July  by donation. Next term.  All my disability classes with have an emphasis (after time) on meditation/sound therapy.

ZOOM DISABILITY YOGA TEACHER TRAINING. This week class 2 –  6.30 zoom class.

TAROT/PAST LIFE ADVISOR/counsellor – Always available by appointment.
I am updating the Etsy booklets relative to my decks (and my new RED deck).  I will let you know when this is done.

HOT STONES MASSAGE – Our Winter offering once the new hot stones arrive – THEY HAVE ARRIVED!.  Weekdays and weekends by appointment only.

NEXT STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING – The Sunday June 30th at 2.30