Dear Yogis,

As I have said – I am having a fabulous time in the garden…. Even if it is cold and damp (and 1degree) .  Having the Bach therapies as a focus it is amazing how many of the herbs are actually in my garden.  I have been gradually collecting, and with this wet weather (much like English weather I guess) all there herbs, even those i have forgotten about,  are appearing.    The photographs where possible are taken in my garden, as below.  When you come on the 27th for our Mandala drawing day, and Christmas break-up, you can see the herbs all flourishing, I hope I will have named a good number by then.

I had to get out in the garden.  I have been studying another aspect of YOGA –  the Certificate then the Advanced Bach Therapy Diploma –  since the start of Covid, and now I have completed, done the exam, and passed.    I am at a loose end.  What to study next? I love the discipline of study.

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MY “BACH” ESSENCES. All Essences prepared and used as demonstrated by Dr.Edward Bach.  Treatment posted to you in the real  “Bach” phials –  bottles with droppers.  Energies activated by the sun, bottled in Rain water, preserved with a drop of alcohol. Taken 4 drops under the tongue, in water as often as you need.  For children,  plants and animals the drops can be given in water.  My indoor plants just love their Bach Remedies.   (I will add more remedies here and in the shop every day and you can find them on the shop at

Wisteria (Chinese) (W. Sinensis) – Vitality.   Every year at this time I am inspired by the glorious wisteria covering my verandah.  Certainly strong, vital.  Wisteria essence can strengthen the meridians, thus improving vitality. It supports the etheric body in its role of feeding nutrients (in the form of energy) into portions of the subtle body. This is an excellent remedy for acupuncturists or for those using massage.   $25.00 including postage

Centaury (Centaurium Erythraea) – Assertiveness.    This is for people that can’t say no. For those that neglect their own needs in fact believe this is a virtue,  and are servile with others. These beings want to “keep the peace” and  generally will do anything to avoid confrontation.  This remedy for times when they feel their kind hearted nature will be taken advantage of.    $25 including postage


Valerian (Valerianacea) – Mental function. If you have visited my garden I know I would have invited you to experience  my Valerian patch. It is amazing, and the perfume is intoxicating.   Over time Valerian flower essence changes the mental body, it allows its border (where it is connected to emotional, astral, causal bodies), to shift.  This herb often used by Western herbalists for inducing sleep, energetically allows the opportunity to blend energies with the mental body.  $25 including postage

Rhubarb (Rheum Rhabarbarum) – Heart Energy.  You think this is just a dessert, but the energy of the flowers bring  a greater coordination between the left and right brain hemispheres (for those like me who have R.L challenges).  The flowers even look like a brain don’t you think?   The harmony of “signatures”.

The energy creates a greater harmony of thought by balancing the analytical and the intuitive aspects. Not just for the psychic self, Rhubarb can help clear one’s relationship to self, and in this way opens up the possibilities of more loving relationships with others.  The heart chakra is opened on a deep level, so one can understand love on more than just a physical level, perhaps even on a multi-dimensional level.   $25 including postage


DR.BACH’S SYSTEM TREATS THE EMOTIONSand not the triggers that cause them.  These triggers are the same for every culture and in every time frame..  for all time, every year, every century.

The term “yoga” has many traditional meanings.  With regards to Ayurveda, yoga refers to “right usage” and the “right combination” of herbs.  When we speak of a special combination of substances designed to bring about a specific effect in the mind and/or the body, it is called a “YOGA”.     Ayurveda which is the ancient science of herbal energetics is a system for determining the qualities and powers of herbs according to the laws of nature, so that herbs can be used objectively and specifically according to individual conditions.  A YOGIC USE OF HERBS IMPLIES AN HARMONIC APPLICATION OF THE POTENCIES OF HERBS.  The strength of Ayurveda lies in its all-encompassing view between organic physiological processes with internal emotional stages, as opposed to Western medicine which takes a more particular view based on molecular structure and chemistry.

Dr. Bach started his life embracing the Western “scientific view”, and ended his life in a tiny isolated cottage in Wales devising this very Yogic herbal system, which is closely aligned with the yogic view of energy – although I doubt that he had ever heard of yoga.

In Ayurveda as in Bach healing,  disease occurs not as an arbitrary phenomenon, but for definite reasons which if understood could prevent recurrence.  The fundamental error of Western medicine is to the treat the disease rather than the patient.

Evolution is the manifestation of latent potentials.  Within each thing is contained ALL things.  In the seed is the tree and in the tree is the forest.  Consciousness exists in all forms of life.  Life, creation and evolution are all stages in the unfoldment of consciousness.  Every living thing, everything is sentient, and from that point of view “human”. Plants transmit the vital-emotional impulses, the life force that is hidden in light.  This, Dr.Bach understood very well, and it was the basis of his collection of energy from his remedies.

To become a true herbalist (which Dr.Bach called himself) means to become a seer.  This means that you become sensitive to the being of the herbs, to communicate in receptive awareness with the plant-light of the universe – TO LOOK AT THE HERB AS ONE’S TEACHER.

I will see you on the mat,  soon