Dear Yogis,

Just a short note today..


REMINDER:  THE BREATH.  I have a new web site

“BREATHE, EAT, MOVE AND LIVE”.  I am sure that you all teach about the breath, that in the yoga teacher training course you have learned about the gas exchange.. you teach and know about the breath – but do you?  I thought I did, but until I started learning about it properly I didn’t feel as ALIVE as I do today.  Plus I have lost 5kg and then some .  I didn’t notice it really until a ring I hadn’t worn for a while seemed way too big and fell off.  Then I checked, then I weighed myself.   What’s not to like?

Another nifty little change I have made is a mini bike underneath my desk.  Whilst I am waiting for students on zoom I pedal, while I am thinking I pedal – I can’t do it all the time, but it is amazing how much I can do without seeming to do exercise at all.  I am not one to pound the pavement, and this is a beautiful alternative, plus you can buy a little mini-bike like mine at Kmart for $29.  Mine was an impulse buy at the opshop and cost $10.  I bought it to keep my leg muscles long and strong (jogging shortens them) and it has certainly done that!  Now I have added CONSCIOUS BREATHING to the pedalling I am sure that this is what has made the BIG difference.  You can do it whilst seated anywhere.  The little bike is very light and portable – mine has a tracker on it but I never look at it.  I am pleased just to pedal..  You can even put it on a table and use it to exercise the arms.  I am fine with my arms and lift small weights in Restorative Yoga, as do my students..

Keep in mind, this is just another THING that won’t make any difference  to your weight (and will probably end up in the garage) unless you add the BREATH.  My classes start this Monday at 5.30pm.  If you do them, and you follow my simple (inexpensive) path, I AM SURE YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT TOO – without huge cost and without huge effort. QUIETLY, and you will feel lighter, sharper, and in charge of YOU.  It is not a miracle, it is science at work with yoga.

Email me to book, or just go to the home page of and PAY VIA PAY PAL.  It is $88 for 4 ZOOM classes – the same as yoga.  I will send you the ID.