Dear Yogis,

I don’t know what you did with your weekend, however, I am getting used to actually having one.  Thursday was my one day off but has disappeared in that regard – I do “out of the office” things that day,  but I am still working.  On the weekends I don’t stay in bed, but I spend it mostly doing garden and herb things.  There is lots to do in the garden, and trimmings from pruning raspberry and lavender bushes and trailing vines, can be dried and saved for teas in the winter.  The apples I collected have now been dried, rose hips, and hops are next.

Thanks to my weekend, I am certainly ahead with my herbs.

*Herb tea for IBS and Bloating tummy (who doesn’t know that feeling?)
*Herb tea that have a reputation for helping with anaemia.
*Herb tea for sleeplessness.
*Herb teas for anxiety and restlessness.
*Herb tea for depression
and *Herbs for HEART HEALTH  (I use Hawthorn, and this is in the Herb tea).

HERB TEAS a pack  $53.50 including postage.
7 Popular single herbs in tea bags(10g each – you can mix and match)
5 Herb teas as above (1 of each, 10 g)

A special tea, just for you may require you to email me and I can make up something special.
If you want HERBAL Wedding or party favours, email me and we can make up something special just for you.

These are shipped in cotton hand tied balls with hand written tags, to keep shipping and waste low, but we don’t recommend storing them like that. I suggest popping them just as they come,  in a glass jar out of direct sunlight. If you buy herb teas in the Supermarket and sometimes the chemist (with a fancy box), when you actually unpack the tea, you may find that it is black tea with herbs added.   My teas are herbs, no black tea, unless black tea is the herb or part of the recipe.This is an entirely natural product, which doesn’t mean it’s safe for everyone, or that it won’t interact with medication. People are all different and we recommend doing your own research and speaking to a health professional.

Your creative gift, whatever it is is the most special part of you, and it is that gift which will keep you in a happy place no matter what is happening in the world.You might not think of your creative self in terms of romance, however, if you nourish that part of yourself it is a wonderful romance you can have that no-one can take away from you.

Today, with all that is happening in the world, You have to be very strong to keep yourself within that circle of romance and positivity.  It is easy at this time to devolve into anxiety – don’t go there.    I love the idea that my herb teas empower people – putting them together is like being an artist or a musician, not just physically healing.  My hope is that my teas take you to a special place of love and healing.  I think about them, grow them, pick, dry and package with you in mind.  How are you “romancing’ yourself?

… between clients visits to have the ION-KI cleanse, yoga, and tonite the Teacher Training (we are actually having FUN with the Gita this our third reading!), is to make a heap of little tea bags for the herbs.  For me it is all part of  of healing.  If I can add something to each part of the process it makes me feel I am doing the best that I can for you.  I can even make multiples of the hand lettered herb bags for WEDDING/Birthday/Anniversary place tags.  I didn’t think of this but have been asked, so yes.  I can do this.

STUDIO YOGA: Monday 1pm, Wednesday 5.30 Restorative, Friday 5.30 Hatha
ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Gita/Teacher Training, Tuesday 7.30 Herbal Workshop, Friday 6.45 Tarot