Dear Yogis,

What a busy time we are all living through – the pace is quickening.  I remember not so long back when I had time to do everything , and even clear up the leaves. But not now.  Maybe today is the day.

For all you readers/yogis who think the bible is irrelevant, think again. Reflecting on the world as it is especially relative to Israel and Gaza, think on this.  Hop back into the old testament and the book of 1 Samuel 15 which can be very difficult for us to read today – it is not easy I know and we are not theologians, but read it all the same.  I am told to read it four times to really understand it.  Twice in the Catholic Bible, once in the New English, and once in Hebrew!

Here is a snapshot of the issue.   Samuel was directed by God to appoint a new King over Israel, Why?  In Chapter 15 God directed Saul to annihilate the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid Israel as they came up out of Egypt.  But we have to go back even further as is often the case.  Amalek was the bastard grandson of Esau who would no doubt been reminded at every turn over Jacob’s cheating of Esau’s birthright.

In Dueteronomy are the words “Remember what Amalek has done to you…do not forget“.  According to Wikipedia, some Rabbinical interpretations etymologised Amalek as “people who lick (blood)”.  The feuding between the Amalekites and Israel is from the beginning, and is a recurring theme – even in this day in the form of HAMAS. Israel is obsessed with total victory and destruction of Hamas – a delusion?  The beginning of this  problem is when  God instructs Saul to attack the Amalekites and destroy EVERYTHING that is or belongs to them.  Saul doesn’t finish the job.  He keeps the best animals to use as a sacrifice to worship himself instead of God.

The core of the story is not actually about destruction, but a reminder that our hearts are important to God as stated in Luke 6:45 “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”.   For Saul, it was his disobedience and move toward idolising himself that God objected to.  Verse 7 reminds us that some people take pride in chariots, and some in horses but our pride is in the name of the Lord our God.  Saul deviated from his Calling when he put himself above God, and this disobedience has whispered down the ages, even to today .  The “cure” is (as I see it”) is not in annihilation of a people, but in correcting the heart – loving our brothers as ourselves.


MY CORE BOOKS – “THE CAVE IN THE SNOW”.  I am reading it again…. about Tenzin Palmo who spent 12 yers alone in a cave.  A fabulous story about a wonderful life, not yet ended (she is now 80+ years old).  She is still writing, still living, still inspiring the world.




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