Dear Yogis,

This piece by David Michie (a Buddhist Monk) was submitted to me by one of our graduates.

……….When I heard the news of her death, I immediately recalled a specific insight often mentioned by my cherished teacher Geshe Thubten Loden: “On the day she dies,” he often used to tell his Australian students. “The Queen and the kookaburra will be the same.”

The point he made was that whatever status, wealth, social connections or power we may enjoy in this lifetime we lose the moment we die. After our last exhalation, physical and mental dissolution follow. All that continues, whether we are the Queen or a kookaburra, is subtle consciousness which carries the imprints of our actions, predisposing us to experience reality in a particular way.

I never met the Queen, but I know people who did, and who worked for her. Guided from a young age to perform her unique role, she had a powerful sense of purpose – one that was fundamentally benevolent, encouraging others to be their best selves. As a result, I feel sure that her subtle consciousness will continue in an auspicious way.

On the passing of a high lama or revered yogi, the appearance of rainbows in the sky is often said to be a sign of such auspiciousness.
That rainbows appeared above both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle – among other places – at the time of the Queen’s passing may just be an indication of the air moisture in England… but I like to believe not.

May the Queen, and all who have recently passed into bardo,
Quickly and easily attain complete and perfect enlightenment.
May all of us who feel gratitude for what she gave us,
Live up to her own ideal to be our best selves.
May love, compassion, joy and equanimity,
Pervade the hearts and minds of all limitless beings
Throughout universal space.


Fees FROM 3rd October (new term) $220 per term.

Mondaythe 1pm class deferred until term 4 (re-starting 3rd October).  This hopefully will allow everyone to take care of families and school holidays for that 1 hour per week.
Monday 2.15 class as usual
Tuesday 1.30 Teaching at Windarring
Wednesday 1pm Hatha and 2.15 teacher training
Friday 2.15 as usual.

I am considering a Tuesday and Friday 7pm class to take advantage of the warmer weather of term 4.   Please indicate if you are interested – email

NEW – SATURDAY BOTANICAL ART CLASS: “GIVE IT A GO” with Jahne.  4 x 2 hour classes from Saturday 9th October, 2.30pm to 4.30 $75 for members of The Botanical Art Society of Australia, ($85 non-members). Location: Woodend, Victoria.
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ZOOM TEACHER TRAINING 6.30 Monday (The Sutras)  STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING 2.15 Wednesday in the Studio.

TEDDY BEAR YOGA.  I am having such fabulous fun teaching this at Windarring and have been collecting teddies to refurbish so everyone has a bear.  If you teach in aged care, or in any kind of rehab community, then you might like to try this.  It is such fun – much more yoga than usual gets done and much more enthusiastically.

SHOPPING THE PRE-CHRISTMAS STUDIO SHOW – Date to be determined – probably end of November. As I am exhibiting in other galleries, I have to see how they are planning their shows and will fit around my appearances at those venues.  If you want to purchase dolls or have one made for Christmas (or a Christmas stocking made for a special person or child), please let me know.

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I will see you on the mat

Namaste – Jahne