Dear Yogis,

Here is my card for the day…..another great card.

Nine of Pentacles 

How amazing – The Nine of Pentacles has appeared today as a good omen for financial prosperity, and who doesn’t need that.  If you chose that too,  we will be successful in our endeavours, whatever they may be. You could be up for a promotion at work, or this could be a sign of general financial wellbeing. Not just this, this card assures victory and the ability to enjoy that victory which can be difficult.  We have to believe it then we will see it, and is not something we need to chase after. At this point, most of the work has been done. We take our cue from the woman in this card –  we are a money magnet right now. This might not last forever, so don’t refuse it, don’t doubt it, and use this time as a springboard for even greater success, however it appears..

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