Well yogis,

Here we are… power off on Wednesday evening, not on again until noon today.  I learned a number of things.  How to repatriate an old camp stove was the greatest of these and allowed me to have hot water and cook.  Thank goodness for the wonderful student who allowed me to power up my computers, and phones at their unaffected home.


 The first meeting with regard to COMPASSIONATE COMPANION PROJECT.  I don’t expect to launch it until August, but there is a lot to do until then, and I would like your  input and your enthusiasm.  I have always been student led, and I have not changed.  I am taking a “Bardo” direction, and hopefully taking you with me.  This course will give you three certificates on graduation.  “Compassionate Companions” Certification, “Death Doula” Certification and “Compassionate Companions – Veterinary” certification.

If you want to join the conversation, please email me and I will send you a zoom ID. The course will cost under $400 and take 12 weeks.  That is the plan.

SUNDAY 10am: The Bardo (Tibetan Book of the Dead).
MONDAY 6.30: Mary Magdalen
TUESDAY 7.30: Mary Magdalen the study course.

Monday 1pm (full), Wednesday 5.30 (full), and Friday Hatha 5.30 vacancies available.


Everyone who joins the COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS COURSE will receive a RED THREAD – a  Red Thread bracelet the origin of which is drenched in history.  I make and will give these to the students in the class, to help them to remember who they are, and will be a way of recognising, noticing people who are on the same path.  It is an ancient sign.

If you google “RED THREAD” or ‘RED STRING” you will get pages of references to why people wear them.  But for us, it helps us recognise those who like us are on the same path.  I wear one and have for years.  It is worn on the left side (feminine) side of the body.  It is the receiving side, the side of the heart.  It is worn to honour the feminine and this is the side that allows us to “receive” spirit, and dream.

In Japan, they believe that the Red Thread has to do with our fate, that we are tied with this thread to all people we are destined to meet in order for our soul to evolve.  The stories are echoed in ancient Islamic, Christian and Jewish texts, and is even mentioned in the Bible.

Even if you don’t want to join my studio, or sign up for the course you can own a RED THREAD BRACELET and an accompanying booklet.  Please go to www.myyogabooks.etsy.com.   and don’t forget to google ‘THE RED THREAD”  for pages of background historical facts.


The mix I make (mostly from herbs I grow myself), is getting fabulous reviews about its relaxing properties.  It really gives great sleep! So if you buy some do not take it before you drive or before work.  Save it for before you go to bed.  It contains damiana (sister to cannabis), hops (also a sister to cannabis), lavender, mullein, mugwort.  10grams for $20 including postage.  This is enough for 10 to 15 “doses” the way that I smoke it in my little pipes.  You don’t need much.  Just smelling my fingers after I have been blending is enough to calm my body down… and I have to be very careful with the hops, they are sticky with resin.

If you don’t smoke, then make a little cotton bag, pop in a little of the mix and put it in your pillow.  Very relaxing.  Good dreams.
email if you are interested… I don’t have enough home grown herbs to put on etsy.  This is just for my clients and students. yogafirst@netcon.net.au


I will see you on the mat (I really will – restrictions lifting, power on!)