Dear Yogis,

On Monday, yesterday, I had a garden afternoon.   I have discovered over time that Chocolate Mint, Thai Mint, Mugwort, Lebanese Cress and of course Watercress can all provide a really good water crop.  So I planted each of them, again.  I did have a wonderful crop of watercress, but the tadpoles, (and there were many), decided that they like watercress, and they cleared the whole pond of it, so I have had to replant.  The roots are wonderful and keep the water clean and clear, and add a few fish to keep the mozzies down, and you have a balanced system (minus taddies).    Gardening is not a meditation for me, it is work – and in this time of no yoga classes, work is welcome.

These are photos of the pond.  Looks a bit wild and woolley, but that’s how it is…  I inserted two larger gold type fish who were (when I last looked) exceeding happy.  If the heron swoops in it will be unfortunate and underline why I should have stuck with pygmy perch – they are fast and you can’t see them.   If the sun comes out this afternoon it will be gumboot time – I can see changes I want to make.

A friend of mine in Central Victoria is growing Salt Bush, so my next summer I will have a tincture for the cat’s nose.  I am not sure the bush will grow the same with the same properties as the one I use … but I am happy to have the foliage and try.  I can make the tincture.  No-one has spoken to me about their supplementation.  I take lots, and my acupuncturist approved (surprisingly).  I make Olive Leaf Extract (I also make gin, but that is for another time), I take mega C and so should you – eating oranges is not enough. I also take big zinc, creatine, and turmeric (“hemp” boosted) milk.  What are you relying on?  I am getting younger by the day.  My skin is great, my poop is fantastic, and everything is clean and clear.  WHAT ABOUT YOU? If you need essences, hemp super turmeric…whatever.  I am here.  just ask.

I have tarted up my blog – it took some time, but I think it looks better, and gives you some options..  Please go to     and let me know what you think.

On Tuesday and Wednesday  am going to focus on making masks.  I have been dancing around the fabric. i.e. not wanting to cut.  The fabric is so beautiful it seems a pity to make a mask out of it – but we may be wearing masks for a long time… we might as well have beautiful masks, not just one, lots.  One for every day – different colours, different fabrics.

Stay well, stay warm.  NAMASTE – JAHNE