Good morning Yogis,

I have had such computer trouble over the weekend, thank goodness for friends who could patch me through… and we are still being “patched”.  I am hoping that this goes through the modem unhindered….  My security is just not letting me do what I need to do.

ZOOM:  6.30 TT this evening (if all goes well) and then CCP tomorrow Tuesday at 7.30. Friday 6.45 tarot.
STUDIO: 1pm today, 5.30 Wednesday and 5.30pm Friday.


If you live around my suburb you may have seen me out collecting and foraging herbs for tinctures, for teas, for food.  Now is the perfect time.  I know from years of past experience that plants need to be gathered and used in the area they are gathered.   It is important that herbs be local ones as the healing properties of the plant relate to its localness.  Why? It is I believe,  because our distress has to do with our not being present, and plants that are local to a place have the ability to bring that to us.

Our modern life more or less ensures that we are not in touch with this magic mysterious power that we collectively call NATURE.  Nature is the fountain of existence, our health.  Ultimately this connection is the fountain of our existence and health.  Ultimately, by ignoring it, or thinking it is not necessary,  it is also the source of our illness.

That is why local plants are so powerful, a thousand times more powerful than a plant from somewhere else.  A plant from where you live can “bring you home”.  That is the aim.  Local plants know where they are, they are “rooted” in the region.  They are the expression of that creative magic of nature and they can share that with you.  I have a rule of thumb learned from other plant healers from my own and other cultures,  a “local” plant is one which grows within a two day WALK,   so anyone, even in the largest city can access growing things using that criteria.

You do need a teacher because illness springs up in our blind spot, my daily charting and meditation shows up my blind spot.  I can pretend, but the chart tells me otherwise, even if the message of meditation can be side-tracked. Plant medicine is a celebration of our interdependence.  We think we are totally independent – it is not realistic.  There is something very powerful about asking for help – I think it attracts the attention of the spirits.  Asking for help from the spirits puts us in alignment with how things are and to where healing is coming from.  Every heartbeat, every breath depends on this source, this spirit this fountain that is constantly creating.  Just asking for help puts you in a truer perspective of being a child of God, a child of nature.  Spirit isn’t limited by molecules.

As we learned from Yogananda and The Gita.. “The little mind of the little man” writes Yogananda, “cannot possibly identify itself with the Universal Consciousness of God”, and identification with God or the Ultimate reality is the goal of yoga and the greatest endeavour anyone can hope to take.


I will see you on the mat.

Stay Well,