This Sunday at 4pm we are holding a $5 PENDULUM CLASS at the Studio (37 Morris Road in Woodend.)  Please come! When you park, park on my white gravel which was made especially for you,  or my nature strip.  Please don’t park in neighbour’s drives, or in front of garage doors, some of the neighbours get cranky if you do this (and have).

I was going to give a FREE class, but the pendulum said NO!  In the old days the energy exchange was made by “covering the palm with a piece of silver”, but now I guess $5 will do the same.  It is an exchange of energy.

I have been making new pendulums, we have beautiful charts, and I can show you how I use mine.  I made it years ago, and it usually lives as a small table top under a sheet of glass until it is needed…. You can buy one framed or unframed.  Even if you never use it as a pendulum chart, you can hang it as a work of art.


I look forward to seeing you…..