Dear Yogis,
For the past month or so (prior to the school Holiday hiatus) in our tarot classes we have been looking at past-lives, particularly in relation to abundance (or lack thereof).  I am putting together a booklet to cover the topics discussed in this post, but in the meanwhile, I thought I would put together a way that you can move through the process yourself… I am being a little bit slower than usual in completing my TAROT BOOK. It is quite complex.
In my forthcoming book, I have used Our REVELATION Tarot Deck (see it on both for PAST LIFE REVELATIONS, and ABUNDANCE.  One follows the other.  You can’t have abundance if you don’t know who you are.  Tarot brings the Success Steps to you through the Major Archetypal Cards in order that you can activate your personal power.  You will need the book, and the cards to progress, however, you can have a glimpse into our method using any deck, you may however need the book.
Whilst we were seeking past lives, we identified with THE FOOL.  This is the first card in the deck, and represents the “voyager” (you) on life’s path.  In this our Past-Life meditation on the Fool we imagined that we could follow the overself, and look backwards in our past, forward into our future, or make any little detours on the way.
In the ABUNDANCE PATHWAY, we once again become the Fool but this time we are seeking RESULTS.  We have seen the past, we have acknowledged the future, and now we are going to use this as a tapestry upon which we will greet the sound and light show of abundance. We are going to use the card of MAGICIAN as our guide (The Creator) and accept our  success working through the things we need to do (this is a time of work not just play).  On this path we will Grow in Confidence.
As I said to a student yesterday (and many times before) “People don’t get what they want if life, because they don’t know what it is they do want”.  They keep swapping and changing.  If we believe it we will see it.  Have faith in your belief  – you can create your Success.

Choose one of these cards each day.  It is a plan and needs to be worked through in order.  I have tried to make one step logically follow the other.
Carry the “card of the day” with you, write down you impressions in a small journal, taking notes during the day as impressions come to you.  These are steps needed to get to your goal

CHOOSE THE MOUNTAIN do not fear the climb.  It is not the height of the mountain which will stop us, it is the stone in our shoe.

CHOOSE THE EMPRESS for Focus.  You have done the past life meditation in the front chapters of the TAROT book.
You know who you have been, how this effects NOW, and this information puts you in a good place to move forward into your own success in this lifetime.  TheEmpress uses intuition… but she needs her EMPEROR, just as Yin needs Yang.

CHOOSE THE EMPEROR Having played with past lives, seen the influences, the failure, the successes, we are ready to make a Doable Plan, and follow the Plan.

CHOOSE THE ANGEL OF SWORDS to cut through things that no longer serve you

CHOOSE THE LOVERS You can do nothing if you have no relationship with yourself.  Everything you have been good and bad, has led you to this point.  Embrace it.

CHOOSE THE HERMIT and know that the stillness of the cave is as valuable as moving in the world.  The Hermit wherever he is, is attached to the universal life force… he is not blindly going out into the world.

CHOOSE THE WORLD to look outside the usual paths for your success – do not be afraid of the world. It is working for you – enjoy the surprises.

CHOOSE THE CHARIOT knowing the road ahead,  keep a hand on each spect of the journey whilst moving forward. Only with action can you fulfil your goals

CHOOSE STRENGTH  to protect and grow your work and your successful ways.

CHOOSE THE HIEROPHANT who moves with action to turn words into knowledge,  and worlds into progress.

Use these cards in this way to master your PASSIONS, PROCESS, and PRODUCTION and in this way move forward into the ABUNDANCE which is your birthright.  Most major religions have some prayer which tell you to “ask and you will receive”.  Most people don’t ask.

If you need help with your past life to find out WHO YOU REALLY are, the influences that have brought you to here, I can do this.  I can give you the date, the time and the place you were born in your last SIGNIFICANT LIFE. The life that influenced this life most.  Email me to enquire.





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