Dear Yogis,

We have decided because of pressures of covid that is making yoga in the studio untenable until next week, we will go forward with the program that I outlined on Monday.  Sorry about that – but it is what it is…  Have you caught up with my paintings on INSTAGRAM.  I resisted for a long while, but have relented… they are there.

YOGA: Wednesday 5.30 Restorative
ZOOM STUDY:  Monday 6.30 Teacher Training, Tuesday 7.30 CCP, Friday TAROT 6.45, Sunday CCP. 10am

Thank you to those students who have taken the step and gotten vaccinated.  There will still be times when we can choose to zoom, for instance if any of us get “suspicious” coughs, but otherwise, from next week we will take the first steps back to our new YOGA NORMAL all vaccinated!

We are coming to the end of our CCP Training first intake.
 If you want to enrol in the next intake and become in effect a (LIFE) AND DEATH DOULA, please email me and I will forward an application to you.  The first intake has been wonderful.  It took two two hour zoom classes per week to “get the pearls” as one of my students often says.  I originally planned one, and will only do one in the next intake.

Not many of you were able to do one class regularly, and only half way through the course did most realise they actually were in training for a very important function in their communities.  Not just a “death doula”, but also a “life doula”.  Never more needed than now.  

I have asked one of our students who has special skills to take a zoom class on INDIGENOUS FUNERAL RITES.  Please indicate your interest in this – you do not have to be a CCP Graduate to be interested.

We indulged ourselves with this at the beginning of covid and it unexpectedly took us well into the year.  We all loved the discipline of the cards and the freedom of making whatever we wished within those parameters.

I asked if you would like to repeat the experience.  Those who had not finished the cards the first time could go forward, and those new to making, could start anew.


Please email me and let me know if you would like to start either extra time on Friday that we already do, or we could keep the free Friday, and add Saturday afternoons as we did last time, between 2 and 4pm.  Or that time on Sundays.  I will not be doing two classes, just one.   If you want to come, and have a preference, please decide.  I still have not written the book for the Mary Tarot I started then – so we can work together.

This is a shortish newsletter, because I am looking forward to seeing you in the studio soon or on zoom – or somewhere…