Dear Yogis,


Friday 6.45pm: FREE Pendulum/tarot meeting
Saturday 2pm: Tarot+Art class.  Make boards, Medicine Grids, Cards.. its up to you
Sunday 10am: The Gita Study

(and those interested in Rumi on Tuesdays at 7.30pm?)

Email me to get your zoom ID’s for these meetings.


Getting out and about,  it still feels like we are on holidays or still in lock-down. How does it feel to you?   Some businesses are crazy busy, (the service industries) and some businesses are disappearing.  There are rather dreadful images of shopping malls across America becoming huge,  empty,  weed covered shells.  Amazon of course is buying up the bigger ones and turning them into distribution centres.  Changes are happening in our town too.

How is your business?  How is your life?  Is it good? Is it bad?  How are you changing and adapting to meet what is happening across the globe?  How adaptable are you? – This will determine your success.

For myself I am getting up close and personal to my TAROT.  I am looking at the tarot again, and interpreting the cards to help those of you are who are doing chakra work.  This is valuable work (and the tarot are an important tool) because we need to power up our engines and The Chakras are key.   You can’t be all you were meant to be if you only have half the fire power you were destined to have.  Who are you, and where are you going – what is your purpose in life?

Tarot Readings with me are available via zoom or in the studio.
Please email to make bookings or enquire.


You may not think this would interest you – but if you want a Divine friend, mentor, and advisor always to hand (your very own SHAMS), then you will get much out of this meeting.  The pendulum is not a replacement for God.  It is merely a conduit, and through it flows energy..  it is not magic, it is not satanic (although banned in some Japanese cities I am told), it just harnesses available energy.

THIS FRIDAY WE WILL MEET OUR GUIDES. You will meet your guide, and I will show you how. I am not meeting your guide for you, you will be meeting your guide for you!



COULD BE WE WILL START STUDYING THE PASSION OF RUMI after we have finished The Diamond Cutter.  I have been speaking to you of Rumi – but what about Shams?
Shams begs God, “Give me one person who can bear me, one person who is brave, clear, strong and wild enough for me to shatter and remake in such a way that I can give everything I have to the world.”
“What will you give me in return ?” asks God of Shams, and Shams replies: “My Life.” 



One day a disciple of Buddha came to him and said “You know Nirvana, you live Nirvana.  Why don’t you give us Nirvana?”  Buddha said “I will give everyone Nirvana, but first, go around in the village and ask everyone what they want, then come back and tell me what they most want.  Then I will give everyone Nirvana?” 

This was very pleasing to the disciple and he went around and asked everyone what they most wanted.  Naturally one said a Porsche, another said a girlfriend, another wanted a boyfriend, and others said more money.  No one wanted Nirvana.

Living this life, right now, right here is designed to bring us to the point where we do want Nirvana and Liberation.  The highest and most effective, most passionate and most tender form of love is to serve the growing Christ, or the growing Buddha or the growing Rumi and to go on bringing the entire feast of love,  to the table of love right to the end.

If we can rise to this wonderful challenge, devote our lives to it, and turn the forces of madness and negativity against themselves, not in hatred or anger but in pure service and love, then and only then can we become channels for Divine Grace.  Only then will Divine Power be given to us to transform apocalypse into hope.

On the Day of Resurrection I will call out, “Where are those who love one another through my Divine glory alone, and for the sake of my glory alone?  Today I am offering them refuge and sweet refreshment under my shade, for this is a day on which there is no shade but my shade”  (The Qur’an)

We are on that day.  We are always on that day.  I am in this moment, I have always been in this moment – as have you.


I will meet you on the mat.

Namaste.  Jahne