Dear Yogis,

What a wonderful life we live.  Yesterday I was hugely busy, and yes looking at one item at a time you could consider in a way it was a “challenge”, but everything worked out very well.

I managed to iron out the wrinkle that had developed in zoom ( a huge achievement) without frustration a melt down or other negative emotion.  This meant that we could have a yoga class and then the tarot class, and they both went smoothly.  We are all learning how to help each other achieve as best we can, at the same time dealing with the ‘fluctuations’ on zoom.

Then I had a lovely meal, and watched “ABOUT TIME” with Bill Nighy (what an utterly gorgeous human being, so kind).  I learned from this to live every day as if you had ordered it specifically, no matter how it started or what happened.  Being grateful for every moment.  We learn that in our yoga journey, but it is good to be reminded from time to time. That is my message for today.  How can I make my message to you any better?  I can’t.  It is the complete package.

This “ABOUT TIME”  viewpoint is most important as we travel through the covid experience – it will take us to some dark places if we let it. Just don’t let it, or if you find yourself there, just observe it and talk to Spirit or whomever you go to.. “what has this got to teach me – what can I learn from this”.  Everything has a message, especially the not so nice things.  Take responsibility, joyfully.  SMILE.

By the way.  The class decided that they wanted to do the MAKE YOUR OWN TAROT class, and we would start next Saturday at 2pm, running straight on from the class we are doing at the moment.  If you want to join us, then do so.  Let me know.  It is 450 for three sessions…. and then we will decide what comes next.

THE BATTLEFIELD OF LIFE:  What comes next for me is the BHAGAVADGITA CLASS this morning at 10am.  Join me if you can.  Email me for the ID, and pay ($20) if you haven’t via the donate button at the bottom of the home page.  If you can’t do the class, watch the film ‘BAGGER VANCE” with Matt Damon, Charlize Theron and Will Smith.  You might think it is about golf, it is not.  It is about The ‘Gita.  If you pay this morning, you can watch the repeat of our class next week at the same time FREE.