Good Morning Yogis,

And a fabulous morning it is…  I have been advising clients with regard to long term Covid “disabilities” and I thought you would be interested as I am particularly focussing on mushrooms.  Turkey Tail, Reishi and Shiitaki (not the poor excuse found in Coles).

ZOOM until restrictions eased
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I believe that in this time of Covid we should be exploring the medicinal actions of these medicines to include in our diet BEFORE we get sick, to protect us against the long term effects of the virus – not instead of vaccination, but alongside it.  Even if we are vaccinated and have a mild form of the virus, it can leave us with debilitating side effects, which we are now beginning to explore.  These mushrooms might be the key to health and immunity as they have been in China and Japan for hundreds of years.

I have taken most of my references, and the way that I take them and use these fungi from KAMPO (a person oriented system). A medicinal healing practice that originated in China and is in use in Japan.  It is included alongside acupuncture in trainings passed down from Master to student, but is so accepted that it is primarily taught under the headings of acupuncture, and not on its own.  Doctors in these countries who have learned traditional Western medicine  have learned to combine Kampo with modern conventional treatments.

TURKEY TAIL: Although Turkey Tail is used mainly in China to reverse the spread of tumours and has increased the survival rates in hundreds of well documented cases, it has other uses as well.  It protects immune cells from free radicals, and increases the effectiveness of Tcells.

REISHI: Known as the “phantom mushroom” because it is difficult to find in the wild, Reishi’s antihistamine action prevents the inflammatory reactions within the lungs which makes breathing difficult.  Reishi also stimulates the maturation of immune cells which prevents secondary  infections.  Reishi’s effect on the brain have led to its use in age-related intellectual decline.  Reishi is readily available as powders, tea bags tablets or tinctures.  We have it in store as a spore-oil.

SHIITAKE:  Known as Huang-Mo in China,  it is documented as early as 200AD.  Shiitake stimulates the immune system and increases the production of interferon.  It is available in tablet, syrup, powder and tincture forms.  Buying the real thing in grocery stores is not helpful because of the method of growing the mushroom for the mass market, its storage and time between harvest and sale.

If you would like to do more reading about the usefulness of fungi, then research Japanese Kampo. A traditional healing practice. Kanpō medicine, often known simply as Kanpō, is the study of traditional Chinese medicine in Japan following its introduction, beginning in the 7th century,  then adapted and modified to suit Japanese culture and traditions.

I know that we are all becoming jaded from zoom, but it is important that we stay together.  This way of learning is going to be happening over and over as different strains emerge and we learn to keep up and then co-habitate with the virus.  We can’t decide how it will appear, but we can decide how we will respond.

Use this time to study, to learn something new, or to build on your skills.  If you have trouble learning new things, keep on trying, don’t be put off.  We are all anxious, to some extent depressed, and unsure of the next step.  This can make it difficult to learn when previously you may have found it easy.  As Buddha said “This too will pass”.


I will see you on the mat.