Dear Yogis,

What an a mazing time we live in.  Here I am after many years of yoga learning new skills, technology, and re-organising EVERYTHING.  If just learning the violin can stave off alzheimers, then turning your life inside out and starting over may be even more effective.

Thank you for supporting me in this.  I am getting into a routine of sending out ID’s, ordering the printing of tarot and tea leaf cards on time, making sure my books are available on Etsy, dealing with postage issues, learning to teach yoga via zoom (there is only ONE vacancy in the Zoom Teacher Training class), and so on.  In a week or so I am taking my computer into the kitchen for a zoom herbal class – growing, harvesting, foraging, identifying, cooking….All the things I personally like doing, and bringing to you.  Life is full and fantastic.  I could be home worrying about everything, but thanks to you, I have a mission and in spite of conditions, I am still marching on wards – “saving the world one yogi at a time”.

Because all this computer technology is new to me I have had to learn new ways of doing things.  Without a yoga mindset I could not work within this new framework.  One of the critical factors is being able to sleep deeply at night.  I can do that.  I could sleep on a washing line.  I know I need to take time to relax.  Any other way will lead to burn out.  One of my students asked “How can I step up when the moment, when big change, arises?”.

Firstly we have to redefine the question.. not only do we have to be good at waiting (locked indoors in covid), we have to love it.  Waiting or not waiting.  This is how life is.  Too many of my students live without fully engaging their minds.  They are waiting for “the next thing”.  Waiting for that something when they imagine their real lives will begin.   Sometime out there when things become normal. Not under-standing that it has already arrived.  They might say “I am bored” as Covid bites into their recreation, but that is OK because when they discover what is in front of them (and love it) they will begin.

The problem with this is that if you are not living in the moment, your true love could come and go and you would not even notice.

I believe (and have told you often) that an appreciation for simplicity, the ability to discover life’s riches in the everyday that most people wouldn’t even notice, is where success life’s richness, success and ultimately happiness emerges.

Things are going to change but we don’t know how.  When crunch time arrives to have success, you need to have integrated healthy patterns into your day-to-day life so your life flows when the pressure arrives. The perfect concentration tool IS NOT waiting in the wings somewhere for you to discover and slip into it like a new coat.

Create an easy routine that becomes second nature. Serene. For me, for many years it has been like this.  Even when I was a single mum of two children coping with all the pressures and starting up the yoga business – this has been mine from 5am in the morning.   It starts with a long meditation and breathing, water (a shower meditation?), reading, eating, stretching always returning to “the presence” and the breath,  then into the office… sometimes a little change but basically that is it.

If there is NOTHING in your life that feels serene, meditation is the perfect start, the perfect HOBBY, to help you in your search for a routine that is just yours.  Maybe a CD, a song could be the springboard to the new you? Put on the song and flow into your routine.  There is no wrong way, no right way,  only THE way for you.

My morning routine has been practised over so many years that it is like an internal clock.  I only notice when I have missed a step and in retrospect.  I know that this routine has greatly enhanced the quality of life, and in times of stress made it seem easy to those watching.  The everyday becomes beautiful.  The moment becomes the moment,  and it is the essence of how I have learned to live.

Check with the web site to discover how we can work together in this time of zoom.  Classes come and go as clients book in (or not).  I work so we can grow.  Grow with me.