Dear Yogis,

Before we start, I have a technology problem and I need your help to try and solve it, PLEASE..

If anyone who reads this is 1. a member of The International Yoga Federation and 2. Has ACTUALLY  personally subscribed at any time to this newsletter, could you please let me know.

I am NOT interested to know if you receive the newsletterI WANT TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE EVER SUBSCRIBED even if you have unsubscribed.   Please send your name and your email addresses to me at



Thank goodness I had the YOGA BEAUTIFUL site and shop.  I am having such terrible problems with ETSY.  When my pendulum told me to get going on the YB Shop, it spoke correctly.  To download your copy of this book please go to and click on the SHOP.

They are there and ready to be downloaded, RIGHT NOW! Not earth shattering for you perhaps, but after more than an hour trying to make sense of the etsy site, I was SOOO pleased to revert to our site.  I don’t put enough there – but I will.  Etsy is getting sooo bogged down with structures and time consuming admin.

In the back of this new book are 12 MINDFULNESS ACTIVITY cards (three sheets of 4) which you can photocopy and on nice paper, trim,  and use  as a teaching tool, as a tool in counselling or tarot sessions (just to break the ice), or put one on the end of your student’s yoga mats in class so they can start the class in a calm manner… there are lots of ways to use them.

Even as a personal  “pick-a-card-a-day” discipline.  To download yours go to the shop on WWW.YOGABEAUTIFUL.COM.AU



Our SATURDAY 2pm Zoom class will be a Studio class (no zoom this Saturday).  We will have a studio meet-up once a month.
SUNDAY ZOOM 10am Bhagavadgita class.



It is totally appealing right at the moment after a day off that has been so very busy.  The only “day-off” thing I did was climb the ladder to the roof and rip the triffid-like wisteria away from the TV dish.  I think it likes the warmth?   But simplicity.  Hardly,  it was a day of challenges, in the garden, in the office and on the roof…plus technological challenges.

My printer which I had been “managing” has been costing me money lately, so it had to go (after 7 years hard work I might add).  Because of  covid and problems of stock, I had to buy a printer that I know will be a learning curve, and more expensive than I wanted to pay… but as I was gifted an older model IPhone (my first) I felt that balanced out.

Our task is not easy.  As I went about my day I often paused to consider what to do as situations presented themselves.  I have to admit to struggling to find integrity as I was pressured from all sides.  As I laboured to know what to do in every situation, I thought of the words of Mark Twain: Civilisation is a limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities”.

I read the bible as you know, and Jesus said that he “did nothing of his own accord” (John 5:19), and astonishingly he calls us to enter this unity of purpose.  We are told  we are to live with glad and generous hearts.  THIS IS SIMPLICITY.   When you get to that stillness, life is just beautiful….