This is not what you think, It is not an invitation to a class….

I make a fabulous essential oil blend I have called TYOH (The Yoga of Hemp).  A mix of some rather wonderful essential oils in a Royal Hemp oil carrier. It is  (gratifyingly) popular, and seems to be useful  for all kinds of conditions.  I am personally thrilled with the effects that I am having. My whole body feels so relaxed.  I put a dab on my navel at night (not every nite and sometimes MIDNITE – hence MIDNITE YOGA), and have found that I can just move so easily during the day, and  get heaps done without any concerns at all.  The feeling that the Universe has control.  To be personal, even my poop is a good experience.  Seems that anxiety was holding that up as well… makes sense!  My body is soft and fluid, and I move easily through my yoga and my day, getting heaps done.  No stiffness, no discomfort.  This afternoon, I am going to put it on Etsy ( so you can all try it.

Are you passionate about wellness!  Do you want to serve others and inspire them to live the best lives they can live?  THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!

Don’t forget that we start our PPT massage course will start tomorrow at 7pm to 9pm.  There is room for one more student – it could be you. Go to discover  more. We will be exploring the use of essential oils, and more.  This is about spirit, as well as mind and body.


Look forward to hearing from you.  See you soon.


Namaste.  Jahne