Dear Yogis,

Gorgeous for yoga weather.  I often get asked if I do yoga outdoors – the answer, NO.  I have tried it in the past but here are too many variables for some students.  Insects, people who are worried about animals and grass, weather, wind,  you name it.  It is much easier to have classes indoors. One time I was asked to hold a yoga class on a tennis court in a Woodend winter – it was 5 degrees at the time.  The answer again was no, no matter what they were paying for the class or how much cocoa was provided at the end!


Many stroke victims even after “recovery” have issues with their hands.  This can also apply after other neurological incidents, even Parkinsons.  There is heaps you can do to help as it is a matter of re-establishing the brain patterns.  Nothing is quick, but it is doable.  One of the problems is that most people want a quick-fix.  There isn’t one.

I have found a four pronged approach is best.  A simple restorative yoga class, Bach flower therapy to work on mood and emotions, Bowen or PPT massage for the body,  and specific work on re-establishing fine motor skills for example – threadings large beads and getting smaller and smaller beads as skills improve, Chinese Brush painting, picking up cards or coins, crumpling paper and then smoothing it flat (both processes with the damaged hand).

Try these with your clients – but you need to do all four.  It is a therapy, it is not as I said, a quick-fix.  Let me know how you go.  You can’t cherry pick here.  It is a four pronged approach and needs to be done over a time frame – perhaps 10 sessions, 1 per week.



I have got quite a few students who want to know how I teach YOGA TO CLIENTS WITH DISABILITIES.  I am pleased to write about it, and I will soon be able to teach it, via zoom.  Please register your interest with me.  I would like to start with the therapy above – whilst we don’t think of stroke victims as people with disabilities, a stroke however small,  is disabling.    Email


Our Yoga lunches are starting up again at 12 noon on Friday the 27th of January (the day AFTER Australia Day).  I have agreement from the usual yoga ladies that we can try this new venue.  The LONE STAR is right next door to The Victoria in High Street in Woodend,  squeezed between the Hotel and The Top Shop (it looks kind of Western from the outside)  .. I have visited and enjoyed my lunch immensely.  I have booked us in for 12 noon.  Please let me know if you would like to join us.


…….(and zoom herbals) started on the 9th January.  PLEASE BOOK for class to suit you.  The studio classes are  small classes, and just joining in may not be possible, we do have full classes..

CLASS TIMES:   Monday Hatha 1pm and 2.15, Wed. Restorative 1pm and 2.15.  I am also thinking of a Saturday morning YOGA class, although I do have to accomodate a gallery obligation one morning a month – tricky but we can manage. 

FREE ZOOM HERBAL WORKSHOP.  Mondays at 6.30 on zoom.

ZOOM – YOGA FOR DISABILITY – Please register your interest – Maybe a Thursday or Friday evening zoom would suit us all.  Let me know or I will make an executive decision.   The zoom will include the book.



OPTION 1.  The Official School Term  starts on the 3oth January and finishes on the 6th April – which we also call a TERM. If you want to start again on 30th January (a Monday) and finish on the 6th April,  then the cost for the term is $220.

OPTION 2. However, If you want to pay for the entire time from the 9th January to the 6th April, (a lengthier term) the cost is $270.

OPTION 3. There is still the option to pay 4 CONSECUTIVE classes at a time $88 – with this option if you don’t come to class you lose your payment, although you can make up a class in the same week.

You can pay easily via PayPal.  Go to the bottom of the home page (, click on Pay via PayPal.  They send me a receipt super fast.  It is easy and very secure.