Dear Yogis,

This MAY be the last newsletter before Christmas.  Thank you all so much for your love and support as we march towards a new year, I do what I do because of you, and for you.  I hope that you have a wonderful family time (“gentle” family time).

For myself, I am looking forward to a quiet time – I have a cat, a great book, French cheese and some memorable champers – what more does one need?  Yoga classes have finished for the year, as have the zoom sessions.

By the way, my new hearing aids from the magnificent Lillian at the Neale Street Clinic near Coles in Woodend,  means that I can hear very well for the first time in YEARS.  It is taking me some time to get used to all the new sounds (I can of course turn sound OFF – you may not be able to do this!).  They do look rather prosthetic, but such is the price to hear you all very well.


YOGA CLASSES start again on the 8th of January (and at Windarring on the 9th)

ZOOM GITA Classes (we are also using GITA WISDOM CARDS in this class) also start on the 8th January at 6.30.

TAROT is available as usual by appointment – I am now consulting to business in India and Kenya using the Gita Wisdom Cards.  This is very satisfying as the clients actually know and we can speak about,  the yamas and other philosophical aspects of the cards.  These are not a simple readings (with an extensive written transcript at the end) and the cost at the moment for such a reading is AUD$575.00. Post Christmas, the cost TO YOU for a tarot reading in the Woodend studio (without transcript) is $125.

ART BAGS.  I am making a range of art canvas bags relating to the canvas sizes at THE ALCHEMIST in Kyneton.  If you buy a canvas from them, you can get a carry/storage bag from me which relates to the specific size.  Prices for these bags made from recycled denim,  start at $50.  I use them too of course, they are so handy to store my artworks safely and conveniently, and for carrying works to show clients.

STUDIO GALLERY:  I am opening my Little Art Gallery at the studio with a preview (by invitation) on the 9th February, and then the Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th from 2.30pm.  I have been working towards art pieces for this exhibition, but they have been selling as I finish them… so I am not sure how many will be available on the day. But you can always just come for a chat, and to discuss ways I might be able to help you.

Thank you all again for everything.  I am so looking forward to seeing you all in the new year, at classes, for the tarot, or in my little gallery.