I slept in yesterday after a late nite and midnite mass.  I rarely sleep in.  I did last month after a busy week of deadlines, and again yesterday, but i feel great – and I love the rain even though it means I can’t Christmas by the pond.  I am writing this (and painting on tea bags and on canvas) instead.

During Covid I sent you a newsletter every day, and now although there is no covid, there is an epidemic of anxiety, and i do have a way that you can change your life if like me you worry.  I used to be hugely anxious, I think my life would have been very different if I had known this key.  Well I had the key I just didn’t trust it would work.  What is it? It is easy!  My life has changed since i started really TALKING TO GOD, and more importantly TAKING NOTICE OF THE ANSWERS even if i think they make no sense at the time.

I remember years ago visiting a friend who was painting her house.  When I arrived she was standing quietly looking at an unpainted wall and various cans of paint waiting to be opened.  I asked her what she was waiting for and she replied “I have asked God what colour to use and I am waiting for an answer” then having received an answer started to direct the way the wall was to be painted.

In a way it was the same as Margrit Segesman “waiting for a breath”.  At the time, painting the wall I thought, how ridiculous!  God hasn’t got time to help with paint colours!  Now I know how liberating it can be if we will make friends with that still small voice, and 1. consult it for every little thing and then 2.  do what the voice says!  Yes, God (?) does have time and wants to help you with paint colours, and every other little decision in your life.  Imagine if you could have a trusted advisor with you at all times – well, you can and you have.  You are not listening…   Remember what I told you all through Covid – “Nothing can happen that is not the Will of God – trust this”.

Yesterday I spoke to a friend about a bird.  A thirsty little bird lands in an unseasonally icy field.  She doesn’t grumble and groan, or feel hard done by, or say “why me”, neither does she think of Christmas past, or yesterday.  She just sits conserving her energy as best she can until the sun rises (which she somehow knows it will) drinks the water provided by the melting frost, sings, and flies away.

Have a lovely Christmas dinner – the weather is perfect for yule logs, and big roasts.  Remember that children are drip dry and love getting wet and muddy.  So much more fun than sitting in front of a computer.  

Call me when you are ready for your tarot…..You can have a report on line and hard copy booklet sent to you (opportunities, lessons, challenges). Let me know if this interests you   NAMASTE – JAHNE