Dear Yogis,

Another Zoom Teaching yesterday, which, apart from a beginning hiccup went smoothly.  We loved it.  I loved it (which I never thought I would say).

Coming ZOOMS  
HYPERMOBILITY: Tuesday 7.30 to 9pm. $35 (starts on July 28th) for the  lecture series of 3 sessions on the topic . You have long said you wanted to know more, but have not used the books and youtube we have offered – as shown in your modules.  Here is another way.  Please join us.

TAROT TRAINING COURSE: Saturdays at 2pm to 4pm.  This is full. But you can be put on the wait list for the next series. The course costs $157 which includes a deck of Revelation Tarot Cards.  If you have taken the course and want a refresher $50 to join the class for ongoing sessions. Join as many you like in groups of three sessions.

TEACHER TRAINING:  First Sunday in each month $20. This month we are speaking of The Yamas and The Purushatras.

TEA LEAF READING: The course.  Saturday mornings 10 to 12noon date to be decided, please register your interest.  Includes cards and kit.  $225 for six sessions.   We are waiting for the cards to be printed – they are this new..  Until they arrive we will use the old method of tea and pot.  Once the cards are printed I will send you the Card Kit.

To join any of these ZOOM classes.  
1.Let me know you want to join.  
2. Direct Debit the fee into Commonwealth Bank
BSB 063 806 Account 1019 1251 Yoga First.  

3. When I have this I will send you the course ID and Password so you can get into the  ZOOM class.

I am not a techno whizz.  I am learning about ZOOM every time I use it.  There can be misunderstoods, there can be small difficulties,  BUT we seem to get there in the end.  We help each other out until everything is smooth.  You don’t have to be fabulous to join.  Not in tech or in yoga.  We learn from each other.  Please join us.



This morning I offer you words from LIGHT OF ASIA by Sir Edwin Arnold.  It is a treasured book of mine and in verse describes the birth life and teachings of The Buddha.

“Enter the Path! There spring the healing streams
Quenching all this! there bloom the immortal flowers
Carpeting all the way with joy! there throng
swiftest and sweetest hours!

More is the treasure of the Law than gem:
Sweeter than comb its sweetness: its delights

Delightful past compare.  Thereby to live
Hear the FIVE RULES aright:-

Kill not – for Pity’s sake – and let you slay
The meanest thing upon its upward way.

Give freely and receive, but take from none
By greed, force, or fraud, what is his own.

Bear not false witness, slander not, not lie:
Truth is the speech of inward purity.

Shun drugs and drinks which work the wit abuse;
Clear minds, clean bodies, need no soma juice.

Touch not thy neighbours wife,
neither commit Sins of the flesh unlawful and unfit.

…. Scatter not rice
but offer loving thoughts and acts to all.  
To parents as the East where rises the light:
To teachers as the South whence great gifts come:
To wife and children as the West where gleam
Colours of love and calm, and all days end;
To friends and Kinsmen and all men as North;
To humblest living things beneath, to Saints
And Angels and the Blessed Dead above:
So shall all evil be shut off, and so the six main quarters will be safely kept.

Have a lovely weekend/week.  Join us when you can.