Don’t forget that Saturday afternoon at 2.30 we will be having an information session here about Cannabis Sativa (Hemp).  We will be introducing product – seeds, oil and powder,  and talking about how it can make a difference to your life.  The students who are using it daily and as suggested,  are reporting major changes to their body and their minds – although science is hesitant to do so at this point.   It is so simple, and tastes amazing.  Not just everyday yogis are loving it, people in recovery are noting big changes,  fitness junkies, body builders, long distance runners are all reporting changes with little effort.  Just adding the products to their meals.  I got enthusiastic because of the changes I saw, and i am telling you.   My dermatitis is all but gone, my skin is plumped and different, my gut is stronger, my meal choices are different…  and I don’t feel hungry. I am calmer, but more energetic.  You need to know about this.  I am only selling an idea.  What you do with it is up to you.  Do come.

I have put my latest hemp recipe book on ETSY.  It’s the one that we will be working through at the cookery class.  If you plan to come to class, get the book.  “Jahne’s KANNABIS KITCHEN”.  Great name?  I thought so.  Great book.


MASSAGE:  You all know that I teach massage, have done it and taught it for years and years – at least 40 years.  I can hardly remember when i started. There were few Australian places to train, and  I have been approached by an organisation I trained with in London in the 1980’s to teach massage  in Woodend. They did their homework, and they love how we teach, and what we teach – foundations, foundations..   It means that when you train with me, you will get an International Qualification.  For those people who have done the PPT, you can update your qualifications and you won’t need to do the full course.   We are working on the nuts and bolts.  i will keep you all in the loop.


Have a lovely day. Hope to see some of you on Saturday.

Namaste.  Jahne