Amelia Erhardt said  “… Just do it”.  NIKE on its t-shirts says the same, but few people do.  They just  think about doing it,

But they don’t do IT (whatever IT is).  There is always an excuse.

My students often say “See you in class tonite”, when they see me or speak to me on the phone but then don’t come.  Teacher training, painting, any class – as if it didn’t matter, or I wasn’t listening or didn’t care.  I am listening class, and it does matter and I DO CARE.  At the very least you are going against the Yamas.  I know that life is hectic, but what is your priority?  Are you like the guy who says “I will see you on Saturday” (or whenever), and has his fingers crossed behind his back and has neglected to say “if something better doesn’t come up”.    Think about it.

Yoga isn’t an exercise regime.  It can be, but it was designed as a whole health program for the body the mind and the spirit – hence the name “YOGA” which means “to yoke”.  Not to yoke you to something that is meaningless or unpleasant, but to a way of doing and being that will change your life, entirely, and for the better.