Hi Yogis,

Just in case you missed it (I think I have Carded/Emailed/Messaged those close by), Today is the opening of my exhibition…  all welcome!

SUBJECT: Although I have advertised as TEA AND TAROT there are different subjects…. all in miniature, most on tea and coffee bags.

WHERE: The Mount Macedon Gallery.  Down the lane between The Trading Post and The Church on Mt.Macedon Road – Not up at the Cross.  If you go there you have gone too far.  The Gallery is next door to Stephen Ryan’s rare plant nursery – a good place to visit too.

WHEN: The opening is  at 2pm today, although I will be manning (“personing”) the gallery from 10am.  Then the exhibition will run for the month during gallery hours.

COMMISSIONS:  I am pretty busy at the moment, but I am still taking commissions – keeping in mind we are half way to Christmas!  If you want a portrait in miniature of a friend, even a furry friend,  book one now…

I even have a bank up of restoration work on clothing, and a bible or two.  Instead of chucking out, make do and let me mend and recycle.

I look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.