Dear Yogis and others,

Like some of you, I am dealing with the EMPTY NEST SYNDROME.  I have been teaching yoga for 50+ years and now so many of you have gone off to create yoga lives of your own.  It is what I was teaching for, so you could be independent – but I loved having you all around me.  Now you have moved on.  It is life.  Of course, you can always come home.  I am not going anywhere.

I am now branching out and making a new family.  A family which loves philosophy, which loves the metaphysics of tarot AND yoga….  for me, one can’t happen without the other.


JOIN OUR GROUP:  You are invited to our MAKE YOUR OWN TAROT CARDS class.

Saturday: 2pm to 4pm. $50 for three weeks, then ongoing in three week blocks.
You will learn everything there is to know about making a tarot deck which is for you and about you.

We can help you with everything from the planning to the end product. I have made a number of decks, and The Revelation Tarot are now in their 15th Year!    Please go to and click on “TAROT” for the details of the classes.

To buy the cards go to

Yesterday a student from France who worked with me years ago (not on zoom),  contacted me to ask for some new tarot, and the updated book.  It is always gratifying to have a validation which comes out of nowhere.  This is a wonderful confirmation of my work, and tells me I am on the right path.  

DOWSING GROUP.  Wednesday 16th September, 7.30   This is the Initial meeting – the meeting where we will work out the best way to move forward.  Ideal times, days etc to form a regular group.  Maybe as part of the Saturday Group.

CREATING YOUR NEW REALITY:  In your meditation time imagine you have created a “cloud of intention” around you made of pure universal energy.  White, fluffy, but with gentle flashes of light indicating it is not just a cloud but a cloud of manifesting energy which is connected to you.  Feel it swirling around you.  This cloud encloses your perfect world.

Imagine putting your perfect world inside this cloud.  Take a few moments to explore this new you, putting together a fabulous picture full of intention for your perfect future.  What would the perfect you do, how would the perfect you act, look like, feel like?  What would the perfect you feel like, doing what the perfect you can do? See it, feel it, absorb it.  The perfect life you have imagined.  The perfect world that you deserve.  Nothing less.

When you have done this, pull the cloud tightly around you and feel what it is like to operate in the new dimension you have created. Do this for a few minutes every day which will translate into concrete changes in your life.  Write it down.

Doing this clears your blocked manifesting energy channel, and will give you a sense of your destiny.   Write out a set of goals that will get you to that perfect place and the Steps you need to take. Ground yourself with these goals, take action, move towards these goals.  This will alert your subconscious to be on the look out for the opportunities which will move you towards your perfect life.

“Everything is energy.  You can’t always erase things – but you can write over them” – JHW

I look forward to hearing from you.