Hi there Students:  Good afternoon.  I have been working so hard on this course, for such a time that (in spite of yoga and yoga class breaks) my sit-bones are aching.

No matter how many times i ask you to visit the ETSY site and get the first hypermobility book AND THEN READ IT, nothing much has changed in the way that you see your asanas and the body.  I am hoping that this course will change this.

I want you to keep hypermobility in mind every time you watch students come into class – every time you stand in front of a group – every time you notice someone struggling with their everyday actions – and every old person stooped over a wheelie (modern day version of ancient torture method disguised as an aid).

Please, please do this course.  It will change the way you do yoga and the way you see yourself.

You can even use it as an elective, or a course to enable re-registration.

PLEASE DO IT.  It will change you.  The picture below is of Ganesha, “the remover of obstacles”, which co-incidentally is my Krishna Initiation name “GANESHA-DASA” (yes, I did that in the 60’s).  I hope that with writing  this book I will be removing obstacles for you.




Namaste, Jahne