Dear Yogis,

I am having a Hugh Lawrie moment, working on the newsletter and having a rather distinguished Portuguese red wine and some lovely bread and cheese.  Not a yoga moment probably, but lovely all the same.

I have been sending you a video to contemplate as well as the daily words.  Here is another.  I have sent it before, this time maybe you will take it to heart. It is beautiful.  I thought it would be something the soloist in our Anglican Church could sing  – but no, it was too “controversial”. You decide.

Why do we believe we need to be compassionate?  Why do we do Tonglen? Why do we think that caring for others,  is important? Do you know why you long for this ability to love others?

The real reason is that we believe that with love we can do all things  and be all things.  A part of our mind realises this fact although we are too weak to act on this fact.  Love/compassion is the only emotion which can drive us to the greatest heights of human achievement.  This compassion is the one quality which can turn you into a spiritual warrior.  To get there,  you work towards achieving absolute and unquestioning service to everyone around you who needs help in any way.  The real source of pain as we have learned, originates with the pain we do or have done to others.  Devote yourself to the practice of taking and giving. Constantly.

God Bless you as you bask naked in this beautiful sunshine.

Namaste.  Jahne