I have nearly completed part one of the YOGA OF HEMP Booklet.  It will be loaded in the next day or so.

I also completed a youtube video on hemp (and a video on Passive Income!)  Watch them. Google “Jahne Hope-Williams YouTube and subscribe”

Since I began taking hemp, I have become passionately fond of unflavoured hemp protein powder.  It is protein and omega packed, and I am feeling great – as are students giving me feedback…
But you asked about me…  what do I eat.  
Before breakfast (because winter is here) a tonic for my immune system I make with herbs, chilli  and vitamin c.
Breakfast: A savoury dip made of 1 tablespoon or so (or more) of the best hemp oil, 1 heaped teaspoon of hemp seeds, 1 crushed clove of garlic and a slurp of good balsamic vinegar, all eaten by dipping about 1 slice of full grain bread cut into pieces.  I usually lick up anything left.  I have this with  brewed cocoa nibs (like coffee in a french press).
Lunch in two parts:  1.  A thick green aromatic dip of my garden herbs, hemp seeds, hemp oil, garlic, chilli, hemp powder all blended.  Dipping bread – home made pitta cut and backed into small biscuit size pieces.
Mid afternoon:  2.  1 heaping tablespoon of muesli with added nuts and dried fruits, hemp powder – all drowned in orange juice (or beetroot juice) and sesame milk mix.
Dinner:  Steamed vegetables, plus dessert – a home made fruit icy pole – (and a glass of wine or champagne)
Before bed:  a cube of home-made hemp gingerbread and a cup of hot milk tea (or decaf milk coffee)
I drink lots of water about a litre and a half a day, plus tea, coffee.
Thats about it.  It makes me feel good, my poop is beautiful, my skin is plumped and great, I have heaps of energy when I need it, and am deeply calm.
Hope you get some ideas.  You can see that Hemp is at the heart of how I eat.  It has made a great difference.  It is the deep calm, and a feeling of being really healthy and ‘all is well”.