Dear Yogis,

Mushroom time!  Students all over the shire are out collecting the first mushrooms of the season – I have loads in my garden.  Be careful that they are mushrooms.  When we were kids we looked for the dark brown gills, able to be peeled, not staining yellow.  We followed those rules and I am still alive, so all good thus far. – however, take care.  The responsibility for picking and eating is yours, unless you have a chemist or plant grower who knows what they are looking at as is quite normal in Europe. Don’t forget mushrooms are perfect to dry and keep for the winter.  You can do this in your oven, in the sun, or in a dehydrator.

Best known as the weed in your lawns, dandelion grows wild in most parts of the world and is cultivated as a herb in China, Japan France and Germany.  Young leaves are picked for tonic salads, and for making medicinal teas and tinctures.  I do each of these.

Uses of Dandelion
Dandelion clears those energies derived from pent-up emotions associated with the liver.  Dandelion clears liver energy channel also soothing red and swollen eyes, and breaks up “lumps” of energy which manifest as lumps and nodules at other points on the liver channel, especially the breasts.  Dandelion is well known for promoting urination and stimulates lactation.

Dandelion is reputed to reduce muscle spasms and nighttime leg cramps.  It contains more potassium than any other herb, more iron and vitamins, more carotenoids and more vitamin A than carrots.  Due to its high nutritive content it has been used for generations to treat anemia due to deficiencies of folic acid, iron and vitamin B12.

European herbalists frequently prescribe dandelion tea as a weight loss aid.  Dandelion is particularly effective in removing weight through its diuretic effect. It also regulates blood sugars in a way that reduces appetite without causing hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).

HERB TEAS $53.50 a pack  of 6 including postage. (These are a medicinal herbs, not just fancy tea)  A pack will last about 10 days to 2 weeks depending on how often you dip them into your own teas, or water bottle. You can add honey or lemon to taste as you want to.  I grow, dry and pack the herbs.  They are not like regular teas, you don’t jiggle them to make the water dark – these are herbal teas to have you feel better… one tea bag will last at least one day, with me two, jiggled into any tea or water you are drinking.  After they are finished, I drop them into my drinking water jug…I might have a few in the jug at any one time.  No chemicals are water or lost.  I just hate throwing them in the compost.

I will put them all on my web site this afternoon  and ETSY.   If you want special service, or a consult we can chat on zoom and then I will send you the herbs especially tweaked for you – this consult including herbs is a gift at $85.  Email for more details and to make your ZOOM appointment.

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