Dear Yogis,

You may be suffering COVID FATIGUE but I saw this hidden away on twitter, and thought you may be interested.  This virus is the same as most other virus, it causes complications in the body that don’t manifest for years, so we mustn’t get complacent.  It is important we keep up our supplementation, and look after our nutrition especially if at any time we have tested positive, or imagine that we have gone through some part of the process without actually testing positive. 


ZOOM, FRIDAY 6.45 Tarot – we are going to do a business/life spread and interpret it.
STUDIO, FRIDAY 5.30 Yoga.  SUNDAY 12pm to 4pm A drop in time.  Take the opportunity to come see me, discover what we do here, see the ION-KI FOOT CLEANSE, the Tattoo designs, and maybe discuss Tarot.  Whatever you like.  I am here for the ‘tour”.


This is a modern Russian Gardeners idea, and I like it.  Cut an empty drink bottle in half use the funnel stopped with a wick made of cotton wool or as I have, paper towel,  to hold the garlic cloves.  You can peel the cloves or not, I don’t.  You will see little shoots appearing, and the roots going down.   Once you see the roots you can take out the wick and let the roots spread.    Then plant them.  This in the photo is Elephant Garlic – BIG.

The plastic bottle and the garlic is quite attractive, and you could have a few on the windowsill, they look good.


Here is my new vegetable box.  I have two, quite a size.  They were a birthday gift from a student, and I imagined what would arrive would have been  a considerably smaller model, but no, these are full size, and a much sturdier construction than my house actually – “well built” would be an understatement!  Many thanks to Mark and Katie who moved them into position for me.  They had the proper “piano moving” equipment, so it was relatively easy.   I think I will paint them to blend them into the garden a bit more, or paint them terra-cotta to accentuate the positive.

I put one in full sun and I am going to grow potatoes and artichokes in it.  Potatoes to build the soil in the first instance.  The one in the photo is in dappled shade, so,  comfrey, gotu-cola, and cranberries will be the first things I put here.  Also I will also use it to mature white raspberries, (my new fruiting bushes), prior to putting them in the garden.   It has made me think about the various spaces much more, and how to best use the areas in the garden I already have.   They are a work in progress.

I am talking now with John about trialling a Kenyan top box bee hive for him.  I have two places in the garden it can go….


When you come for your IONIC FOOT CLEANSE, your Bach Remedies or a Yoga Class, you are welcome to look around the garden…  Or you can just come and talk herbs with me.  Love to see you.