Dear Yogis,

Here’s the question.  Your spirituality is evolving.  Why would you spend hours changing mantras when every bit of energy you want to create can be accessed in the blink of an eye?  Have you noticed? Your time frame has changed.  Are you just very comfortable stuck in a system you felt was static and forever?

Do you really believe that the “new heaven and the new earth” will be accomplished by those who sit in small groups in an alpha state?  Think about it.  This is what the ancients did.   Are you still wishing to be kept in that ancient system?  We need to know the philosophy so that we can work beyond it.  We need to know the principles so that we can get beyond them.  Like in painting.  We need to know the paper, the brushes, the ink, the rules of perspective etc  Once we have understood these we can evolve beyond them. We don’t just sit holding the brushes dreaming of Monet.  We evolve.

I have been working with you encouraging you to explore the gifts of the DNA, which is evolving allowing you to accomplish far more for the earth by becoming quantum in your life..  Understand this – right in this present moment you already possess the power of many new-agers sitting chanting and believing they just need to “be”.  You alone can influence the material/spiritual balance of the planet.  This is the study of MASTERY. 

This is you taking on the energy of the Masters.  The time has passed when you could do that by just sitting in a chair and meditating.  That is part of it, however, the emphasis should be on individuals, not groups.

The group concentration would best be used to help the individuals in your studio become spiritually stronger and higher.  Not just meditating, but MANIFESTING.  We say we study “metaphysics”, without knowing that the word means “beyond physics”. 

Am I saying meditation doesn’t work anymore? Certainly not.  But that technology is in the past. Your horse would take you where you want to go, but in this age wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to have a car, especially  seeing it too is parked in your driveway?  The horse will get you there, but listen to me… you don’t have time to use old technology.  Covid has taught us (me) that.  I can sit in my studio and speak to 2 or three people who are brave enough to come, or I can get on zoom and speak to many.  It is up to me… it is up to us.

I am sure you have had clients who come to yoga a few times, don’t want to know anything but the asanas and when you talk philosophy they say “It’s simply not for me”.  They may even think you are nuts.  I know the feeling.

This is what free choice is all about. The call to the Divine is not heard, not requested, nor is it what the student wants.  Give them a Divinity Pill and they will take it.  They want you to get there for them.  They are too busy or it is too hard, and they will tell you that you don’t understand. The best that we can do for this person is gently ignite the flame that will lead them to ask at some point “Please tell me more”.

The vibration of the planet will be changed by those who find the Creator INSIDE anywhere, to any degree. It is up to you. Those who ask in an academic way will get an academic answer, and will not be able to access the BELIEF layer which responds to INTENT and COMPASSION.